Jan 142014

(NCS writer TheMadIsraeli would like your assistance in helping him decide what to write about.)

So I’ve been thinking about who to do for the next Higher Criticism series and it’s been rather difficult.  I’ve decided to poll all of you for your opinions, based on the bands I’m considering, since the series seems to be rather well-liked and I’m curious to see what results I get.

The bands in the running for consideration are…

Old Man’s Child

Pain of Salvation



Of course, I also want other suggestions if you can think of any.  If you’re interested in doing that, there are specific criteria I have in mind to make this legitimately interesting.  The requirements for a Higher Criticism series are as follows…

1: Four full-lengths minimum

2: Notable progression of sound or change of sound throughout the band’s career

Please answer in the poll below (you’ll only be able to vote for one of the four bands) — we’ll keep the poll open for one week, and as the votes come in, you’ll be able to see the changing percentages of the total votes that each band receives.  If you have an idea for a band other than one of the four I’m thinking of, simply leave it in the comments.  If you do vote based on the choices in the poll, I hope you’ll also leave a comment telling me why YOU WOULD PREFER to see that band covered.

Catch you guys later.


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  12 Responses to “HELP A MADISRAELI OUT”

  1. I’m going with Old Man’s Child since I’ve been meaning to check that band out. Kreator was a close second.

  2. Old Man’s Child! I love the Pagan Prosperity =]

  3. Pain of Salvation! They get nowhere near enough interest anywhere.

  4. Gotta go with Old Man’s Child as I like the band, but am not very familiar with them or there back catalog. Plus I feel like Death gets talked about enough on the ol’ interwebs.

  5. Death, simply because I want to hear a consolidated opinion on the changes over Death’s history. Also, they’re the only band I would call myself a fan of for most of their career.

    As far as other suggestions, with the release of Colored Sands, I’d be interested in a look back at Gorguts’ career. With the Satanist coming out in a month, Behemoth would be another choice. And for pure personal preference, Protest the Hero, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Between the Buried and Me. Not sure of the general consensus on BTBAM ’round here though…

  6. i can’t help it, i just find Death endlessly fascinating

  7. I’m going for Death, because:
    (a) I’ve never actually heard any of their albums (I know, I’ll go put myself in the naugthty corner now….)
    (b) I keep hearing how Chuck Shildiner was a legend.
    (c) They also featured Sean Reinert and Gene Hoglan, two of my favourite drummers, and Paul Masvidal. A band with so many great musicians, how the fuck did I let (a) happen?

    • We all have that legendary band(s) that we should have checked out years ago, yet never did. I still need to get on some Bathory and Celtic Frost.

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