Jan 282014

Pray for us, Lucifer, because Poland’s Behemoth have just released another new song from their forthcoming album The Satanist. And the song’s name is “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer”, which is Latin for… pray for us Lucifer.

The song stream comes in the form of a lyric video that includes artwork and text from inside the digipak booklet. Nergal wrote the music. The lyrics were written by Nergal and Krzysztof Azarewicz.

The song provides yet further cause to be excited for The Satanist. It rumbles, it rolls, it stalks in a solemn procession. The guitar melody drills like a weapon and rings like chimes. Nergal, of course, sounds like he thoroughly believes in his pronouncements. Listen next.



  1. HOT DAMN!!! Based on the two songs released, this has a damn good chance of being my album of the year. They’ve managed to incorporate quite a bit of variety, going for some melodies and tempos they never have, and so far they’ve absolutely perfectly nailed all of them. Now excuse me while I clean up the mess I made while listening to this barn-burner.

  2. Grim and heavy and coherent to their style even if is a bit different, I think “The Satanist” will be an accurated musical experience, two songs, two good results!

  3. wow…this album is going to be soooooooooooo freaking good

  4. Fucking love it!!!

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