Feb 102014

(Leperkahn returns to our site with a review of the new album by Finland’s Corpsessed.)

Maybe it’s the weather outside. San Diego has delved into the depths of the mild autumn it calls winter – we’ve even gotten a bit of rain the past couple of days — but for the first time in quite a while, I’ve been seriously hungering for some absolutely cavernous death metal, the kind of stuff that sounds like it was recorded in a Lovecraftian studio at The Mountains Of Madness. Yet, I couldn’t find or think of anything that fit the bill on my already-overstuffed iPod. Luckily, I was thrust forcibly at nudged toward the debut album of Finland’s Corpsessed by a Facebook friend of mine (and possible NCS reader).

Corpsessed traffic in dank, putrid atmosphere, with riffs just barely able to peek out from beyond the pale. Once you hit play, you may notice that the vocals and guitars often blur into a wall of sound, an unstoppable freight train bowling you over. Though they go for some stop-and start grooves a few times, such as at the ending of “Transcend Beyond Human”, the band by and large keep the heavy atmosphere omnipresent, never letting the Lovecraftian images their music conjures leave your headspace.

To put it succinctly, these guys play death metal that sounds straight out of the abyss. Since putting it on I’ve had to check a few times to make sure Cthulhu isn’t looming behind my back. Hit play on the Bandcamp player below if you’re in the mood to have your brain reduced to rubble.



  1. Islander, you are great!

    • I really appreciate that. If you’re not doing anything important over the next month, I also have a long list of people I would like you to write and convey those sentiments.

      • I’m a bit late, I’m sorry but yes, write me if you want because is good to me to know is in the interest of you to maintain a certain approach with the readers of this site giving us honest and lucid reviews about extreme music without prejudices, let me say the philosophy of the site is correct, a true care for the music that you propose. I will read your thoughts willingly!

  2. awesome album and that artwork is just fantastic!

  3. So I started listening, and I was like hmm dark, dank, deep reverberation of death. Then I moved and the sound kind of cut out and I found out the headphone jack on my amp was flaking. I pushed it in and out a few times, and holy shit! I was greeted with a dark, but very deep, cavernous reverberation of amazing death.
    The sound is very open and the cymbals are steady clanging, drums a little further away but in the middle of all the chaos, guitars are just grinding away in your skull, and the vocals are like a hurricane above and through it all.
    Good stuff. I added to my bandcamp wish list, and will probably get it.

  4. I prefer this over Lie in Ruins,(although it’s got the best song ‘Charred Walls’), the other Dark Descent release. Abysmal Thresholds is doing to me what Krypts’ last album did around the same time, last year.

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