Feb 122014

Part of the popular attraction of Sweden’s Ghost B.C. is their anonymity — and the masks, make-up, and costumes with which the members conceal their features. Fans and music writers have speculated about who the Nameless Ghouls and the band’s frontman really are, but no names have ever been officially revealed. Last September, the current frontman — Papa Emeritus II — appeared without make-up in a mini-documentary about the band. In the clip, he spoke Italian, and, having revealed his face,  it became clear that he had also appeared in Ghost’s official video for “Year Zero”. But he didn’t sing, and there was still some lingering doubt about whether we were seeing the real deal. Any doubts have now been erased. Or have they?

During their recent Australian tour, Ghost stopped by the studio of Music Feeds and played three songs live: “Ritual”, “Year Zero”, and their cover of Roky Erickson’s “If You Have Ghosts” (from their 2013 covers EP). Videos of the three song performances surfaced on YouTube yesterday, and Papa Emeritus II appears without make-up — and yes, it’s the same dude who is interviewed in that mini-documentary.

I still don’t know who the guy is, and his position in the band appears to have a shelf life — one day, there will be a Papa Emeritus III. But the dude can sing, and for all Ghost fans, the following videos will be fun to hear and see. I’ve collected them after the jump, followed by that documentary clip.  (via Blabbermouth).

But… it appears that even Papa’s face without the skull make-up is still… a mask. See for yourself. Clever Ghost trolling.





  1. Looking at the opening picture, One just thought, “Wait, what? Ben Kingsley is the singer in Ghost B.C.?!”

  2. Looking forward to seeing Ghost live with King Dude opening up here in Austin. Wasn’t really a fan of the Infesstissumam record but I think the first one’s still a killler.

  3. This should be next year’s Superbowl half time show. That would be the ULTIMATE trolling.

  4. I don’t know for sure, but I feel like Papa Emeritus II is the same man as Papa Emeritus I.

    Also, I’m kinda sad he appeared without make-up or a mask…

    • I don’t know if you’re trolling, but is quite clearly a rubber/latex mask.

      I might be To-bias but to Forge together the secrecy and mystery that Ghost have, well frankly I find it Repugnant.

      • To be fair, I haven’t actually watched the videos, just looked at stills. In motion it’s probably obvious, but in the pictures it looks like he doesn’t have a mask on at all.

  5. I find the huge headphones on all of them strangely hilarious, more so when one of the Nameless Ghouls was fidgeting with them during “Ritual”.

    Also, this reminds me how mad I am that their show and the Dillinger Escape Plan/Shining tour are coming to San Diego on the SAME DAMN DAY, and not to venues close enough for me to venue-hop.

  6. Isn’t Papa supposed to have been someone well known (to some degree or other) and that Ghost had at least one member that was known outside of metal, which may not be the same person as Papa?

    Not quite M:I grade mask material (not sure if they anything THAT good yet, still waiting on the head from Total Recall too), but this appears to be a really, really good mask or some even better makeup/latex skillz, yo!

  7. I am Italian and he speaks very good Italian, but with an accent-most probably Swedish.

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