Feb 252014

I have a pain in my butt, the kind that Preparation H will not ameliorate: The old fucking fay job is impinging on my precious blog time. This is the main reason why we have a grand total of only two posts today, this being the second one.  It will continue to have its way with me over the next couple of days, so NCS content may continue to be scarce and my butt will continue to hurt. My NCS comrades are also being diverted by such distractions as sleeping late, cleaning their rooms, and evading creditors. One of them is also currently on tour in the UK with one of his bands.

The one who is on tour is Mr. Andy Synn, the band in question is Beyond Grace (formerly known as Bloodguard), and the tour in progress is headlined by The Monolith Deathcult, with additional support from Talanas and an appetizing assortment of other bands at each venue. Details about that are available here.

But the main point of this post, other than advising of my hurting butt and reminding you about that tour, is to alert you to the fact that Beyond Grace have just released their debut, three-song EP, the name of which is Monstrous.

I suppose that with Andy being a friend and colleague, I have a conflict of interest in attempting to review this EP. But I will say this much: If you have a taste for jolting, high-voltage death metal that combines punishing grooves, flying fretwork, progressive-minded instrumental interludes, and vicious vocals that sound like a cross between a famished bear and a banshee being chased by a demon horde, you should listen to this EP.

Monstrous is now available to download — or for physical purchase — from the Beyond Grace Bandcamp page, linked below. The hideously beautiful cover art is by Dan White Graphic Design. And you can listen to a full stream via the following player.


  14 Responses to “BEYOND GRACE: “MONSTROUS””

  1. Congratulations on the album release, Andy.
    I just wrote some words about Hirax, where I pointed out that thrash doesn’t need to be intricate and complex, but it helps on the impression. That goes for other extreme metal as well. Therefore, it is gratifying to hear that Beyond Grace holds both aggression and variety to keep the listener more or less spellbound throughout the entire session.
    I have to admit the vox were not my cup of tea to beginn with, by they grew quickly on me, and it fits the musick very well.
    What do you play, by the way?

    • Thank you for all the kind words man. We really do appreciate them.

      And not tm embarass you too much, but I read your comment out to the guys on the tour and that last line always gets a laugh!

  2. Haha. I believe he is the vocalist!

    • He is indeed.

    • That figures. Of course he had to be the vocalist.
      Well, the musical elements that needs to grow on you often sticks much bether then the soaped shit that goes smooth in one ear, and out the other, without touching a nerve at all.

      • I dig it, though, like everybody else, and even if I didn’t, I would still buy the cd to support him because I enjoy his articles and the site. So, I am purchasing the cd Friday or tomorrow. Actually, you know what? Fuck it. Now…

  3. this sounds killer, i particularly like “Inhumanity”! the artwork is badass, too 🙂

    • Thank you dude. I will share a little story about that track…

      We’ve had it in the bag for a while and it was intended for the album (which we’re working away at feverishly). But we really wanted to release something, so settled on the three most interestingly “death metal” songs we had (at that time).

      But… ‘Inhumanity’ was originally called ‘singularity’ and the lyrics and concept didn’t fit with the theme of the EP, and we really wanted things to have a bit of a unifying concept… So… One week before vocal recording I decided to rename it and change all the lyrics. Something of a rush. But ultimately I am very pleased with it!

  4. Congrats on the EP Andy – and the tour. That mellow ending section in Invasive Exotics was unexpected. Some catchy choruses going on in here. Hopefully there’s a full album coming along?

    • We do like our big hooks!

      That bit of IE is what we call ‘the Cryptopsy part’… Decided it needed something a bit smoother to balance out the crush afterwards. It’s fun live, particularly because it’s a short breather for me!

      And yep, got about 6 songd written for the album. Artwork is already finalised, and the title is set in stone. You’re just going to have to wait!

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