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Possession’s 2013 demo, His Best Deceit, stirred up a buzz among underground aficionados of black/death bludgeoning, but this Belgian band’s forthcoming 7″ EP, Anneliese, should stoke the buzz to deafening levels. My only regret is that it’s only two songs long. Today, we’re giving you the chance to hear one of them in its entirety.

Possession achieve the kind of sound and aura that many newer bands strive for but few achieve as well. It’s the sound of primordial death metal, rising from the ooze and radiating an otherworldly malignancy.  It’s rough and raw, but there’s a lot more to its appeal than feral ferocity: Possession write some delicious riffs that are as infectious as they are morbid.

The gut-punching drum beats and reverberating chords that form the intro to the title track tell you that something wicked this way comes, but you may still not be prepared for the driving rock rhythms, slashing guitars, and feral howls that follow it. It’s an immediate headband trigger, and if you don’t get a charge out of the grinding bass solo in the song’s back half, there’s no hope for you. The horror-filled atmosphere of the song’s down-paced finish makes a killer of a song all the more lethal.

Possession fill the dynamic B-side track “Apparition” with an air of poisonous miasma that shrouds both the song’s doom-drenched stomp and its more vicious assaulting gallops. The drumming is excellent, as it is on the A-side, and the vocals are frighteningly unhinged. “Apparition” is bleak, punishing, horrific, and yet highly memorable — and further proof that Possession have really honed their songwriting chops, as well as the edge of their blades.

Though I don’t know for sure, my guess is that the subject of the title song is Anneliese Michel, a beautiful young German woman who suffered from epilepsy and died in 1976 from malnourishment and dehydration after being subjected to an exorcism ritual over 11 months by two Catholic priests at the urging of her parents. The parents and the priests were later convicted of negligent homicide (more details here).

Anneliese will be released April 12 on 7″ vinyl by Iron Bonehead Productions and Invictus Productions. The cover art was created by Chris Moyen. Now, listen to our premiere of “Anneliese”.


  1. Yes!…


    …Fuck Yes!

  2. Old school, occult sounding death metal from beyond the depths of the grave, performed by ghoulish looking grave robbers, filled with eerie black shrieks and built on the same mesmerizing story that “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” was based on. I want to drown my ears in this puddle of blood!

  3. Filthy. I love it.

  4. damn, that song is heavy as hell! very cool 🙂

  5. Excellent.

  6. WOW. definitely adding this to my list.

  7. Repetitive as fuck, only the last part has a bit of quality. You need this shit?

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