Mar 072014

Among the names on my mental list of highly anticipated 2014 releases, Falls of Rauros and Panopticon were in the upper reaches. This spring, Bindrune Recordings will be releasing a 12″ split by the two bands. Falls of Rauros contributed two songs — “Unavailing” (at nearly 12 minutes in length) and “The Purity of Isolation” (nearly 7 minutes).  Panopticon contributed four songs, totaling nearly 25 minutes. Having heard the split, I can say that it has more than met my very high expectations.

I had hoped to scribble a review by now, even recognizing that I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. But alas, I’m way behind. What I do have, with thanks to DECIBEL magazine, are two of the songs from the split, one from each band. Since I still harbor a feeble hope of writing my own thoughts about the music later, I’ll not say more about the songs now — but simply provide the streams for your listening pleasure.

Be sure to visit that DECIBEL link for a short interview of Aaron from Falls. And go here to pre-order the vinyl, which will come with a download card.




  1. Curmudgeonly Guy: “Hey honey, Falls of Rauros has this really cool split coming out with Panopticon. But since it’s vinyl only and I don’t have a turntable, I’m thinking I’ll buy it, frame it, and hang it on the wall as art.”

    Curmudgeonly Wife: “I’m thinking ‘no’…”

    • Curmudgeonly Guy: “Hey honey, it comes with a download card, so we can actually listen to the songs while we gaze longingly at our framed vinyl.”

    • Go figure! I’m not sure why my Iron Maiden flag ain’t hanging in the livingroom. Never got an explanation. Just a look. Women…

      • That’s where having kids came in handy. Turned out they both liked Iron Maiden, so my Maiden posters and flag went to their room.

    • Invest in that record player, mate!
      The needle will drop, your heart will skip a beat, your whole life will turn around.

      • Part of the problem is the space taken up by storing vinyl albums. Having so much space consumed by 2000+ CDs and probably around 100 DVDs/BDs in the living room is already a point of contention between my wife and me. Not to mention that I insist that the CDs be organized first alphabetically, then chronologically, but her obsessive-compulsive disorder drives her to want to rearrange them by color.

    • If it helps, I am occasionally a reasonable human being with a job and good credit tasting, and I preordered the vinyl knowing full well I will only listen to the digital version, as I have no record player.

  2. Beautiful stuff. And I know the feeling of being behind on reviews, ’cause I’ve got about 8 I’ve been meaning to do.

  3. damn, that Panopticon track is fantastic!

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