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I’m still away from home doing job-related stuff that has left almost no time for searching out new metal, listening to music, or blogging.  I will be going home tomorrow, with hopes that NCS life will return to normal after that. I’m about to dive back into another day-long bout of job-related stuff, but before doing that I thought I’d throw a few things your way.


CVLT Nation has recently unveiled a series of free compilations that are well worth exploring. The first, which was released two days ago, is a compilation of Black Sabbath covers: Seven different bands perform the eight songs on Sabbath’s 1971 classic, Master of Reality. The bands are:

Primitive Man
Cult of Occult
Graves At Sea
Albino Python

Because I have so little time to myself at the moment, I’ve only listened to two tracks — Primitive Man’s cover of “Sweet Leaf”, which is just skull-crushingly catastrophic (goop began seeping from my ears before the song ended) and Bongripper’s cover of “The Haunting”. I listened to the latter song in part because Hel Sterne and Taz Corona-Brown from Undersmile (who I really like) did the ghostly wails for the song. It’s a trippy, floating, drifting piece of eerie phantasmagoria that made a nice contrast with the “Sweet Leaf” cover.

If all the other bands were as creative as these two in putting their own stamp on the Sabbath originals, then this comp is going to be a real serious pleasure. You can listen to the whole thing and download it here (you can also download individual songs if you don’t want the entire comp):

These are the songs I heard:




CVLT Nation recently released three other comps as well, to celebrate the site’s third anniversary. One of them is Volume X of their Blackened Everything series. It looks like this one doesn’t offer the option of downloading individual tracks, but holy shit, is this a great line-up:

Bone Awl: The One Grinning 0.0
FALSE: The Key Of Passing Suffering 1.24
Torture Chain: War On The Final Road North 13.52
WÖLVEFRÖST: Barbarian Hellstorm 27.08
House Of Apparition: Untitled 29.57
Barren Harvest: Soulless 32.59
Noose: Suicide Death Cult 34.32
THE SECRET: The Bottomless Pit 37.52
Absolut: Black Void 39.38
All Pigs Must Die: SACRED NOTHING 41.51
BAPTISTS: In Droves 43.49
Deathrite: Forsaken Tombs 45.54
Possession (Belgium): His Best Deceit 47.28
Malthusian: Hallucinogen 51.30
Katechon: Unbeing 57
OCCULTIST: Path of the Damned 59.17
Aksumite: Brazen Ape 1.03.54
Sesso Violento: I 1.05.11
Boddicker: High Value Target 1.06.45
Young and in the Way: The Gathering 1.08.55

Go here to get the stream and the download:

But that’s not all…


CVLT Nation has also recently released a big compilation of Deathrock songs that you can stream and download at this location AND Volume III of their DOOM Nation series, which includes 18 doom bands (if you’re a regular NCS reader you’ll recognize many of the names) and almost three hours of music. Here’s the link for the stream and download of the doom comp:



I had time to listen to one more piece of music before stopping to write this post and then disappear into job land. A Facebook friend of mine linked to the YouTube clip of the song I’m about to embed here. I hadn’t listened to it in a while, but after doing that again this morning I was reminded about what a brilliant thing it is — creative, dynamic, disorienting, harrowing, surprising.

The song is “Merging With Sword, Onto Them” by Leviathan, from Massive Conspiracy Against All Life (2008).



  1. I grabbed Cvlt Nation’s Master of Reality a couple of days ago, and it truly is killer. Plus, with bands like Usnea, Primitive Man, Bongripper, Graves at Sea, Cult of the Occult, etc. FOR FREE, life doesn’t get much better.

  2. Wait..they made that Blackened Everything one giant, hour and a half track? Damn, that is a really killer list of bands, but I absolutely hate when they do that with a download

  3. that just might be some of the best Black Sabbath covers i’ve heard, but i’m more excited about the new Blackened Everything! that’s an awesome collection. Cvlt Nation puts out some really great stuff.
    i’m really digging the Leviathan track, too 🙂
    have a safe trip home!

  4. Ugh! I gave up on Master of Reality at “Children of the Grave.” It’s like they held a competition to see who can make a Black Sabbath song as unrecognizable as possible. I’m just gonna give the win to Cult of the Occult.

    • If possible, just pretend you never saw the cover of this comp and never knew it had anything to do with Black Sabbath and ignore the song titles. I think the songs are really good even though they often diverge pretty significantly from the originals.

  5. Digging that Leviathan track.

    It’s interesting that that Black Sabbath comp has come into existence, since I was just talking to my friend about that folk metal comp you shared here a couple days ago, and that led to discussion of good ideas for comps (since I normally don’t care much for the promotional throw-your-latest-single-here comp), and he came up with the idea of having different bands covering a classic album all the way through.

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