Mar 132014

Almost exactly two years have passed since Italy’s Hour of Penance delivered their last album, Sedition. Recently the band announced details about the release of their next album, the name of which is Regicide. It’s due for release by the Prosthetic label on May 13 in North America (May 12 in the UK and EU, May 16 in Germany). And today we got an official lyric video for the album’s first advance track — “Resurgence of the Empire”. You can watch and hear it after the jump.

The lyrical themes of the album revolve around tearing down the walls of ignorance and fear erected by religion and other “dysfunctional authorities” so that freedom might bloom. “Resurgence of Empire” by itself would serve quite well as a battering ram in that demolition project. It would work well on actual walls as well as metaphorical ones. You’ll find out why I say that momentarily.

Regicide is now available for pre-order in physical form here, and digital copies can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp here. A pre-order will get you a free download of this new single. In addition, the album’s first CD pressing will be a limited-edition digipak that will contain three bonus tracks; those will also be available via download card to anyone who orders the album on vinyl or cassette, as well as anyone who orders the “deluxe edition” of the album on any digital platform.

Okay, enough with the sales talk. Here’s “Resurgence of the Empire”:


  1. I read the headline as both “Resurgence of the Empire” and as “Resurgence of the Umpire”. There could totally be a death metal song about the latter, though.

    “Kill the umpire! Kill the umpire!”

  2. “No Clean Singing” you always offer good music to hear thinking about the posts in these days, from “Hour Of Penance” to “Misery Index” and “Winter Of Sin” and again the “Recalcitrant Roundup, Separatist” and so on!

  3. This pleases me.

    • Also, that artwork reminds me a ton of Paradogma’s artwork.

      • The album art was created by the same Gyula Havancsák (Hjules Illustration and Design), whose work for Arkona’s new album we featured here recently. He also did the covers for HoP’s Sedition and Paradogma.

      • Loved Paradogma’s artwork. Was much better than Sedition, as is this. Sedition has way too much blue in it.

  4. Is it just me or this sounds a bit blackened? Really looking forward to it.

  5. this sounds so badass 🙂

  6. This slays! Totally stoked on this album. I liked Sedition, but Paradogma was better, IMO. If this is any indication, Regicide will blow them both away

    • I have to say that if I were forced to choose between Paradogma and Sedition to take to a desert island, I would also pick Paradogma. But this new song is really, really promising.

  7. Reminds me a bit of old Fleshgod. Which is awesome. And makes me wonder why so many people complain about Fleshgod’s orchestral sound change when they can just go to Hour of Penance for that type of tech-death.

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