Mar 132014

That album cover up there is one I want on a fuckin’ shirt ASAP. It was unveiled today by Century Media and it will adorn the second album by the mighty Vallenfyre, which is entitled Splinters. The artist is Brian D’Agosto. The album is now scheduled for release on May 12 in Europe and May 13 in North America.

I’m really, really eager for this album. We were early adopters of this band beginning when the first whispers of their existence surfaced back in 2010, and their debut album A Fragile King (2011) fully justified our early optimism. If you are somehow unaware of Vallenfyre, the band consists of Greg Mackintosh (Paradise Lost) on vocals and lead guitars, Hamish Glencross (My Dying Bride) on rhythm and lead guitars, Scoot (Doom, Extinction of Mankind) on bass, and drummer Adrian Erlandsson (At the Gates, Paradise Lost, The Haunted).

Today also brought the first taste of music from the new album. It comes in the form of a studio video that includes a minute and a half of the song “Scabs”.

Goddamn, is it good — a combination of skull-flattening doom and eviscerating, ramped-up death — and Adrian Erlandsson is killing it on the drums. This definitely seems like an expansion of the old school styles explored on A Fragile King. The band says the new album is inspired by the likes of Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Autopsy, Antisect, Discharge, Nihilist, early Napalm Death, early Bathory, and Conflict. Hell yes, bring it on.


  1. I had been just a teeny bit worried that because Vallenfyre was originally conceived as a one-off project, the second album wouldn’t be able to top the first. That teaser has officially laid any and all such worries to rest. Damn, that’s good.

  2. Aaaahhhh, that quintessential McKintosh guitar sound at the beginning… All is right with the world.

  3. i’m really looking forward to this, “A Fragile King” was damn good

  4. Dat buzzsaw.

  5. Sounds really good. Then again, it’s pretty obvious from the first second onwards that this has been produced by Kurt Ballou. The same Entombed-inspired buzzsaw sound can be found from Trap Them, Black Breath etc. bands whose records Ballou has produced. The saving grace of course being that each of the bands is A+ class. Still… hope Ballou doesn’t try to infuse the same sound to every band’s soul.

    • Ballou does have such a distinctive approach to producing music, and even with only 90 seconds of music to hear so far, I already think he was a great choice for what it sounds like Vallenfyre was seeking to achieve on this record.

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