Mar 212014

All of us here at NO CLEAN SINGING are eager — eager, I tell you — for Shadows of the Dying Sun, which is the name of the new album by Finland’s Insomnium. Today we got the first example of music from the album via Terrorizer’s premiere of a new song named “Revelations”.

But guess what?  I can’t listen to it!  Because I am writing this from the middle of a meeting for my day job. I can type this without invoking suspicion from the other 7 people in the room with me. But strapping on the headphones and blasting this song would probably be too much. Probably.

So, please listen to it after the jump and let me know this: am I missing something awesome? I bet I am. I will know in about an hour…

Shadows Of The Dying Sun is due to be released on April 28th via Century MediaYou can find Insomnium on Facebook here.



  1. You’re missing an Insomnigasm. I literally cannot think of a better way to put it, which is why I’ve described this song that way twice now.

    • And thanks again for tipping me to the premiere of this song! Maybe it’s just as well that I can’t hear it right now. Then I’d have to explain the spreading stain in my pants.

  2. More Insomnium is good Insomnium.

  3. beautiful tune, can’t get enough

  4. i think it’s absolutely hilarious that you posted this while you were sitting in a meeting at work 🙂

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