Apr 032014

“The return of Mournful Congregation is imminent.” That’s the way an announcement began that I just saw from the 20 Buck Spin label. It perked me right up. Here’s the rest of the announcement, which concerns the first new material from this influential Australian funeral doom band released since 2011’s The Book of Kings.

The band will released a new mini-album titled Concrescence Of The Sophia on June 24th via 20 Buck Spin in North America. The European release will be handled by Osmose Productions.

The release consist of two tracks “Concrescence Of The Sophia” (21:42) and “Silence Of The Passed” (8:57) totaling just over 30 minutes of completely new music from the Gods of Extreme Doom. The vinyl release for North America will be the band’s first domestically available vinyl pressing and will come on black vinyl and two additional color variants. The CD version will be a digipak. A t-shirt design based on the album artwork is also planned.

If all goes well the album will be in the hands of the band on both formats in time for their headlining appearances at Martyrdoom in New York City at the end of June.

Also for those keeping track, our good friend Tim Call (Aldebaran, The Howling Wind, Nightfell, Parasitic Records, etc etc) handles drum duties on this recording.

Yes please.

And wow, the line-up of that Martyrdoom Festival looks very compelling:


And now that I’m thinking about Mournful Congregation, I believe I will listen to this song and be melted into a puddle of protoplasm:





  1. There is a chance that I am currently in a state of sexual arousal.

  2. that festival does look pretty awesome! Imprecation!

  3. That is indeed a great lineup for Martyrdoom…Honestly though, even though bands like Mournful Congregation, Sargeist, and Behexen will (deservedly) get a lot of attention, the one band people should not miss is One Tail, One Head. Completely killer black metal band, and you very rarely see their name pop up for live shows. Definitely a once in a blue moon opportunity.

    Check them out here http://onetailonehead.bandcamp.com/

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