Apr 102014

When I think about metal that delivers unbridled feral explosiveness, two of the genres that come to mind immediately are grindcore and the kind of fast-paced black metal that’s ripping and ravenous. Now, think about combining those two styles of mayhem. That’s what Sacramento’s Killgasm have done on their forthcoming album A Stab In the Heart of Christ. It’s music that will leave you bleeding from all the orifices.

This is the blasphemous trio’s second album, following their 2011 debut Bloodbath of Satanic Vengeance, and an assortment of previous EPs and splits, as well as last year’s single, “High On Church Fumes” (which also appears on the new album). Today, we’re giving you a taste of the rapacious fury that the new album delivers with our premiere of its third track, “Revenge of the Panzergoat”.

The title of the song gives you a pretty good clue as to what’s coming. It’s like a panzer tank assault — except faster and more satanic. Galvanizing tremolo chords and unhinged shrieks blast open the song right from the beginning, and there’s no let-up after that. The dark, writhing melody succeeds  in worming its way into your cranium, while the militaristic drum attack seems determined to punch holes through your abdomen. It’s take-no-prisoners music, but the first thing I want to do after hearing it is play it again… and again.

A Stab In the Heart of Christ will be released by Moribund Records on May 28. The cover art is by Rafael Tavares. For more information, check out these links.


Here’s “Revenge of the Panzergoat”, and below that you can listen to the previously released tracks “Humanity In Ashes” and “High On Church Fumes”.




  1. I had their first album and sorta dug it, but this new song sounds like a big improvement for them! Also I must be dumb because I hadn’t heard any of their new music after 2011’s Bloodbath of………….

  2. Yummy.

  3. “Revenge of the Panzergoat” is pretty damn vicious, very nice 🙂

  4. These guys are terrible live. They’re using a drum machine here on the record while live they can barely play their instruments. Certainly not at this speed or precision. This album is pure fake and a total fraud. Talentless hacks.

  5. Oh my god. I want those 2 minutes of my life back. This heard it 1-billion-times-before music has gotta stop. This music is not worth a fuck. Try listening to Intolitarian, Nyogthaeblisz and Revenge if you want the most extreme music imaginable. And lemme tell ya, if this Killgasm music is vicious and as hard-core as you can go, then avoid the 3 bands I listed, because your head will explode.

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