Apr 142014

Belgium’s Aborted will be delivering their new monstrosity Necrotic Manifesto via Century Media on April 28 in Europe and April 29 in North America (available for pre-order here). Last month we featured the album’s title track, and today the band unveiled a lyric video for yet another song — “Coffin Upon Coffin”.

The song delivers flensing riff flurries and brutish hammering, machine-gun percussion and a blistering solo, multisyllabic linguistics and vocal excretions that will leave scars on tender skin. The video also makes Par Olofsson’s  grisly cover art come to life.

In other Aborted news, the band have been uploading the results of a horrific photoshoot to Facebook, and after you listen to the new song after the jump, you can gaze upon their modified visages, which strangely seem like fitting improvements upon the faces that nature gave them.

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  1. This is so filthy and catchy, it makes me nauseous. With that being said, I pre-ordered it about a month ago and can’t wait for that amazing pre-order package to arrive.

    • LOL. Only in metal can words like “filthy” and “nauseous” become compliments.

      • It’s so true, but when I listen to those guys, I just think “filthy,” and it is the highest of compliments. That pre-order with the t-shirt and the card game looks amazing, too. I will probably never even play the card game, but I had to have it… but it’s not like I can ever wear an Aborted t-shirt, well, anywhere…

  2. Between those songs and their blistering cover of Arise that popped up a little while back, Necrotic Manifesto has a chance at being the death metal album of the year.

  3. This is an exquisite example of brutality and groovy catchiness, I like this new song, this band is a guarantee!

  4. i’m so damn excited for this album!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and those photos are awesome! 🙂

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