Mar 142014

This week has brought a cornucopia of song premieres from albums we’re highly anticipating, including new goodies from Hour of PenanceMisery IndexMassacre, and Eyehategod — and this morning we got one more: DECIBEL magazine debuted the title track from Necrotic Manifesto, the forthcoming monstrosity from Belgium’s Aborted, and you can listen here as well.

Man, it is one decimating track, with this death/grind war machine firing on all cylinders: brutally militaristic snare attacks; flesh-raking riff assaults; Sven De Caluwe barking and screeching like a rabid mastiff; explosive bass drops; and an infernally inspired guitar solo that will pop out your eyes and make you drool. What a fine, fine introduction to this necrotic new album.

Necrotic Manifesto will be released by Century Media on April 28 in Europe and April 29 in North America. Here’s that title track:


  1. I am loving the sound of this! I will have to get that album for sure.

  2. Awesomeness. Sucks that I can’t make it out to see them with Kataklysm. Also, sucks they’re going to Ramona Mainstage, which is literally the worst venue for metal in all of San Diego County.

  3. ummm, yeah that song is totally awesome 🙂

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