Mar 122014

They say that death metal will never die, and Florida’s legendary Massacre seem to be living proof of that. After making quite an influential impact in the early 90s, they folded, but now they’re coming back 20 years later with a new album entitled Back From Beyond. We’ve previously featured one of the new songs, and this morning Terrorizer delivered the title track along with a great new animated music video.

If you’re a fan of ravaging old-school death metal mixed with crawling, horror-themed death/doom, you will dig this memorably ghastly new song. And the horror-themed animation is a hell of a lot of fun to watch, too. Throw some horns to director Doug Cook and to animators Nick Johnson and Ryder McLean.

Massacre consists of original membersz Rick Rozz (guitars, ex-Mantas, ex-Death), Terry Butler (bass, Obituary, ex-Death, ex-Six Feet Under),  as well as vocalist Ed Webb (ex-Diabolic, ex-Eulogy) and drummer Mike Mazzonetto (ex-Pain Principle). The new album’s cover art was created by the talented Toshihiro Egawa. Now, check out the video:


  1. Massacre are 2/2 so far. Not that I expected any less. Though I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the animation in the video.

  2. that is a damn cool video, and the song is awesome too!

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