Feb 052014

For your audio-visual enjoyment, here are two brand new songs I just heard. I did not group them together randomly. I grouped them together because they make a one-two punch of merciless destruction.


Heresiarch are a New Zealand band whose last EP, Hammer of Intransigence, I reviewed here. “In the main,” I wrote, “Heresiarch’s EP is designed to provide unmitigated sonic violence, a thorough immersion in warlike atmospheres, and in that it succeeds in striking fashion…. If I’d only known, I’d have stocked up on some radiation sickness medicine before listening.”

I was stoked to learn this morning that Iron Bonehead Productions will be releasing a new Heresiarch 7″ EP named Wælwulf this coming March (the killing cover art is above), and that one of the three new tracks is now streaming on Bandcamp. “Endepræst” is the name of the song and it’s about 6 minutes of militaristic black/death, beginning as a march and moving into a frontal charge, with cannons blasting and the air filled with tremolo’d shrapnel and the howls of ravening wolves. The song devolves into a gruesome golem stomp of massive proportions, the guitars continuing to buzz like wasps, the vocalist continuing to roar and howl like something inhuman.

I’ll be ready for more of this slaughter in March.





On the first day of this month we reported the coming of the first new album from legendary Florida death metal band Massacre  in 20 years. Back From Beyond is its name and it features original Massacre members Rick Rozz (Guitars, ex-Mantas, ex-Death), Terry Butler (Bass, Obituary, ex-Death, ex-Six Feet Under),  as well as vocalist Ed Webb (ex-Diabolic, ex-Eulogy) and drummer Mike Mazzonetto (ex-Pain Principle). The cover art was created by the talented Toshihiro Egawa.

Today brought the premiere of a new album track named “As We Wait To Die”, and wholly fuck, is it a vividly ghastly piece of business! The sound is downright ravaging and immensely powerful. Ed Webb’s voice would congeal running blood, and the riffs cut like concrete saws. The odious melody is also appallingly memorable. Listen below — this album should be unspeakably good. It’s coming on April 1 from Century Media.



  1. Liked that Heresiarch, sort of reminded me of Coffinworm’s “Lust vs Vengeance”, although not as simplistic, nor primal: http://www.profoundlorerecords.com/coffinworm-complete-work-on-new-album/.

  2. Damn! I knew I should har made time to look back at Massacre’s discography, but I never did. Heresiarch’s pretty brutal too.

    • Theres really only two releases from Massacre worth owning…From Beyond and the Inhuman Condition EP.

      …the Promise full length is a complete turd, and while the Condemned to the Shadows EP is competent enough I wouldnt bother with it unless Massacre really catches your fancy

      • I had heard of From Beyond, yet I never got around to listening to it. I’ll have to get on that and the other EP you suggest. Thanks.

  3. Iron Bonehead continues it’s reign of destruction. Lately, this label can do no wrong.

  4. Thanks for the info on Heresiarch..I was just thinking about them the other day and wondering when they were going to get some new music out

  5. the new Massacre track sounds awesome!!!!!!! i wasn’t familiar with Heresiarch, but i’m really liking what i’m hearing. i’m going to have to grab a copy of their first EP.

  6. New Massacre sounds amazing, I love living in Florida

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