Apr 202014

(Austin Weber provides the following introduction to our premiere of a new song by New York-based Fall of the Albatross.)

Fall Of The Albatross are a band I’ve covered before at NCS, having previously witnessed their diverse chaos live and written about it here. The group used to have a vocalist but later became an instrumental-only band, as they were when I saw them. The music you will hear below is a taste of their new sans-vocal style from their upcoming full-length, Enormous Cloud, coming out on June 24th. This is wildly original, next-level instrumental metal, concocted from a plethora of different genres and styles, with the elements arranged against each other in unique, non-linear ways.

I’m a sucker for song titles that perfectly capture the essence of the music, and when you hear “Like A Good Tornado”, you’ll understand that the title expertly encapsulates the splendidly spastic, whirlwind nature of the song. That the title defines the music as a good tornado is a key point of distinction, since tornados are typically bad — and this is anything but!


The song begins with a Psyopus sort of part, stuttering into a slithering rhythm that contorts and convulses on a quest to heavier heaviness, a goal soon achieved by a breakdown interspersed with a mix of grind drumming and split-second bouncy jazz. The music heads toward a heaving chug-down that’s augmented by slick shredded sweeps, and exits into a light-headed bobbing groove — which then perfectly flows into a fusion-Latin-jazz trifecta zone, a space awash in happiness that acts as a light, tantalizing build toward the conclusion. And this trip is brought to a close by a torrential flurry of flummoxing fretwork contrasting with spiraling back-and-forth riffing, finally reduced to a subtle slow retreat before fading out.

“Like A Good Tornado” is an exotic and enthralling experience, one that offers an accurate snapshot of the expansive, eclectic aural journey that Enormous Cloud holds in store.




  1. Checked out the EP on their website. Awesome find, but what crushing disappointment that they’ve gone instrumental.

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