Apr 232014

This morning one of my Facebook friends linked me to a song from a band named Islander. I wonder why he would do that? They’re a four-man outfit from Greenville, South Carolina, and they’ve recorded an album named Violence & Destruction that Victory Records plans to release on July 8, 2014. Which happens to be my birthday. Why would a band named Islander be releasing an album on my birthday?

I assumed that with an album named Violence & Destruction and a name like Islander and a record being released on my birthday, the music would strip paint from the walls, smother kittens by the sackful, and cause the neighbor kids to have explosive diarrhea. Nope, not even close. Not even a mild case of the runs. No kittens were harmed in the making of this music.

I haven’t voluntarily listened to music like this in 7 or 8 years. But I have to say the melody is kinda catchy, and the booming riff is nice. My friend compared them to Deftones. I’m not well-versed in Deftones. But for obvious reasons, I’m putting the song in here. The name is is “The Sadness of Graves”. This is the band’s Facebook link (“weareislander”?  really?):






Well, I decided that since I’ve gone this far, I might as well go further.

Another Facebook friend, who is not in a metal band but is a very talented musician and is from my hometown of Austin, TX, posted an enthusiastic status about a new song from a new album by a Denton, Texas group named Centro-matic. This isn’t metal either. No paint will be pealed from no walls.

The album is named Take Pride In Your Long Odds, and that’s a nice title. It’s this band’s 11th studio album since 1997, so they’ve been kicking around for quite a long time. The album comes out on June 3, which is not my birthday. However, I find myself enjoying this advance track, “Salty Disciple”. I’m enjoying the beefy distorted chords, I’m enjoying the scratchy vocal style (which for some reason is reminding me of Eric Burdon), and the damned thing has got some hooks.




  1. Hello Facebook friend. 😀

  2. Oh and i’m loving Centromatic. Sort of reminds me of a band called ‘Brand New” that i used to listen to. Its been ages since i last heard anything even remotely non-metal. I need to check up with Kahn’s post to delve into more of the non-metal stuff.

  3. I just posted this song on Facebook last night, but I think this song is pretty brutal for not being a metal song in the slightest and especially for not even having instruments.

  4. if i can remember, i’ll try to write an old school swedish death metal song for you for your birthday called “Goat Fucked”.

  5. Deftones is a great reference for that name-pilfering band’s sound.

    Centromatic’s got a nice groove in it too.

  6. That Islander cover is very nice. Love the Datsun. Unfortunately that vocal style bored me at the first chorus. Not my cup of tea.

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