Dec 172021

Funeral Mist‘s last album, Hekatomb, dropped in June 2018 without any preview. I rushed to listen to it, and rushed a review into print, more to urge it upon listeners than to give it a carefully considered assessment, especially an assessment that would compare it to the band’s preceding albums.

Well, today NoEvDia released a new Funeral Mist album named Deiform, and I’m basically doing the same thing.

This time I actually received an advance copy, but it wasn’t very much in advance of today’s release and it came at a time when I couldn’t drop everything else (much as I wanted to) and really become immersed in what Arioch had created this time around.

So once again, although I’m providing my immediate impressions of the album, I’m mainly urging people to listen to it, especially year-end list-makers who haven’t finished their lists, because Deiform has the capacity to up-end the process. Continue reading »

Apr 232014

This morning one of my Facebook friends linked me to a song from a band named Islander. I wonder why he would do that? They’re a four-man outfit from Greenville, South Carolina, and they’ve recorded an album named Violence & Destruction that Victory Records plans to release on July 8, 2014. Which happens to be my birthday. Why would a band named Islander be releasing an album on my birthday?

I assumed that with an album named Violence & Destruction and a name like Islander and a record being released on my birthday, the music would strip paint from the walls, smother kittens by the sackful, and cause the neighbor kids to have explosive diarrhea. Nope, not even close. Not even a mild case of the runs. No kittens were harmed in the making of this music.

I haven’t voluntarily listened to music like this in 7 or 8 years. But I have to say the melody is kinda catchy, and the booming riff is nice. My friend compared them to Deftones. I’m not well-versed in Deftones. But for obvious reasons, I’m putting the song in here. The name is is “The Sadness of Graves”. This is the band’s Facebook link (“weareislander”?  really?): Continue reading »

Jan 242012


(Shortly before The Number of the Blog met its sad demise, TNOTB began publishing an interview series called “Keyboard Warriors” written by a relatively new TNOTB staffer who called himself Rev. Will. Because the archive of TNOTB posts seems to have exploded in a spatter of bits, never to be seen again, we agreed to give these interviews a home here at NCS. We started on Sunday and will be posting one per day this week. Today’s interview subject is some long-winded asshole who won’t show his face. It was originally published late last year.)

With a name like “Islander”, the first impression you’d have of this relatively new blogger-cum-boss at No Clean Singing is that he probably loves clouds; since the stereotypical depiction of an island is that of a remote piece of offshore land that is smack right in the middle of nowhere with lots of fluffy, tasty, and boob-shaped clouds overhead.

Well, we’re not wrong. Apart from being obsessed with the “f” word and clouds, this dude comes across as a pleasant guy who even has no qualms about featuring guest posts by first-time metal writers. How many up-and-coming metal blogs actually do this?

Rev. Will: Welcome back from your secret vacation on an island somewhere! Did you and Mrs Islander get to creaking any beds at all in the end?

Islander: Are you stalking me? Continue reading »