Apr 292014

(TheMadIsraeli wrote this.)

Time to revisit this shit again at my own peril.

So, I, and we, have written multiple times about Hacktivist.  For those unfamiliar with them, Hacktivst play rap-djent.   They WERE the only band doing what they do, but now it looks like we may be seeing rap-djent become a solidified “thing”.

Australia’s Devastator are the second band I’ve heard doing this kind of shit, and while the temptation is to compare them to Hacktivist solely on the fact they’re playing djent with rapping as the main vocal drive, Devastator are quite a bit different.  Their music has a more driving edge to it, far more aggressive both musically and in the tone of the vocals of Matthew “AntiMatter” Youkhana.

Below are the three singles they’ve released thus far.  As always when touching upon this subject, I wait to see the polarization at its finest in our Comment section.  I really dig these guys, as I do Hacktivist.  No shame.





  1. The new nu-metal.

    • No, this is the new rap-metal. Nu-metal had its moments, and spawned some good bands (Deftones). Rap- metal was a fad that was always garbage, and almost always created by outside forces bringing together artists that wouldn’t normally work together. It was label- created, for the most part. Limp Bizkit was the exception, so you can’t say much good about it.

      • It was made by white kids influenced by hip-hop, a label didnt “force” Chino Moreno to rap or Korn to make hip hop beats with their basss when they were kids in a garage.

      • Nu Metal, Deftones, Djent, Rap metal, they are all so similar. 8 strings man. Djent is bringing together the world, too :’)

  2. I can’t do it. It’s not Limp Bizkit bad, but it’s bad. The late 90’s/ early 00’s proved to me that rap and metal shouldn’t ever, ever be together. Only Anthrax ever made it work and even they knew better than to push their luck.

  3. I think it should be called “djrap.”

  4. I only listened to the first one because I waking up with my coffee, I’m really not a fan of djent, and I have a very low tolerance for rap. But for rap metal, they do it pretty damn well. I can understand the appeal of this perhaps for those who like rap but want something heavier and less electronic, or for those who like both kinds of music and want some organic blend. If it were on, I wouldn’t need to shove flaming hot metal spikes in my ears for probably a few songs (so, you know, that’s a compliment).

    Djent guitars sound like a cross between 80s trebly guitar and a jaw harp with the boing boing boing sound. Maybe, if they really want to break new ground, they should consider a second, country western vocalist, to croon in turn with the rapper.

    The really mellow parts with the clean reverby guitar has convinced me that Jonas Renske needs to start rapping.

  5. Technically monsters was the first band to start doing this and it was shitty. These genre blends that have happened throughout all music lately needs to stop. Its kind of like a plague it infects the genre and dilutes it.

  6. Also not a fan, but I can note that this is of a higher caliber than the many others in the past.
    It really just sounds like Meshuggah breakdowns though, but without the awesome vocals of that band, and instead… rapping.
    I love Hip Hop. Very picky about it, but I love what I consider good and have oft wondered if it was really possible to do a proper Rap/Rock sound.
    I think, perhaps preemptively, that its probably not going to happen to the degreee that it will appease anyones standards.
    Save for those that really do like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park, but wish that they were heavier.

  7. There’s also Neshiima doing the Djrap thing. I don’t care for it but whatever

  8. >rap djent

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  9. this shit is just painful man, theres gotta be laws against enjoying music like this

  10. I loves me some Hacktivist! But in all honesty I’m just not feeling this as much, I think Hacktivist nail it better somehow. But to me Djent and Rap actually make quite a complimentary combination, so much so I’m surprised there isn’t more of it, given the extensive number of artists doing both those genres.

    Also, in that first track ‘Unconscious’ the ‘eery high guitar line’ sounds almost exactly like the one off the Hacktivist song ‘Cold Shoulders’.

  11. The rapping is certainly better than Hacktivist, but it’s still tethered to some utterly bland, generic djent. At this point, I don’t think even Aesop Rock or Busdriver could make rap djent not suck.

  12. Everyone keeps talking like rap and metal don’t go together at all and I don’t think that’s true. I think rappers need to branch into metal rather than metal musicians branching into rap, though. And you can’t use slower rap techniques like the ones on display, especially if you’re playing higher-energy music. The rapping has to keep pace with the instrumentation. Put someone like Twisted Insane over some high-octane thrash metal and I think we might have something. Putting a slow, lackluster rapper over shitty Meshuggah worship just leads to boredom.

  13. That Youkhana cat can spit for real. VyceVictus Likes This.

  14. Somewhat surprised at the vehemence of the reaction (but not totally surprised). I’m enjoying Devastator as a change of pace from my usual array of viciousness.

  15. I don’t understand why people hate on this so much. Some like it, some don’t. Just like any other music on the planet. Just recognize the musicianship that goes into it and put aside your negative bull shit. Don’t like it? Don’t listen. Keep being an elitist and begging for your music to never get anymore interesting and everyone else will pass you by.

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