Apr 292014

(TheMadIsraeli wrote this.)

Time to revisit this shit again at my own peril.

So, I, and we, have written multiple times about Hacktivist.  For those unfamiliar with them, Hacktivst play rap-djent.   They WERE the only band doing what they do, but now it looks like we may be seeing rap-djent become a solidified “thing”.

Australia’s Devastator are the second band I’ve heard doing this kind of shit, and while the temptation is to compare them to Hacktivist solely on the fact they’re playing djent with rapping as the main vocal drive, Devastator are quite a bit different.  Their music has a more driving edge to it, far more aggressive both musically and in the tone of the vocals of Matthew “AntiMatter” Youkhana. Continue reading »