May 162014

Lots of new songs appeared today. I picked six to play for you, despite the fact that I could maintain alliteration for only two groups of them. In a rare display of concision, I will be concise. If you don’t find at least one thing to like in here, there may be no hope for you.


I’m borrowing Axl Rosenberg’s introduction to the new Vader song at Metal Sucks because it made me laugh:

Vader have released a new song, “Triumph of Death,” which you can stream below. It’s a visceral track which, believe it or not, may make you tear up a bit, as its subject matter is one to which we all relate: a metalhead is forced against his will to go see the (Hed)P.E. and SOiL tour, but he ultimately manages a bittersweet victory when he kills himself mid-show by inhaling next to a guy in a Primer 55 shirt, thereby attaining sweet release. The metal community has lost too many good men and women that way, and I commend Vader for calling attention to these tragedies.






I suppose we should be embarrassed by now at how often we write about this band, but they just continue to crank out magnificent metal. The latest offering is an original song named “The Great Divide” that they recorded for DECIBEL magazine’s Flexi-disc series. It’s one of two flexies that will be included with the forthcoming July issue of the magazine (the other one is by Eyehategod). Like their most recent album, it was recorded with Kurt Ballou.

Here’s what the band’s Gregor Mackintosh wrote about the new album: “There are songs that are more doom-oriented, like funeral doom. There are really fast songs, too. We had paid homage to our influences on the last record. This one has a lot of different stuff on it … We want to create a sound that doesn’t exist.”

“The Great Divide” mainly falls on the more up-tempo side of what Vallenfyre did in their most recent recording sessions. It fuckin’ rips — but it staggers like a wounded titan, too (and my lord, I still can’t get enough of that guitar tone).

Go HERE to listen.




Sweden’s Volturyon have a new EP named Human Demolition coming June 2 via ViciSolum Productions. Here’s the title track — a tenderizing ballad (note, I did not say tender).  Bone splinters.  Intestinal tartar.







Gilead Media will be releasing a new album, The Virtuous Purge, by Louisiana’s Barghest on June 17. The new song from that album streaming below is “Spent Brass”. Discordant, disruptive, deadly, doomed, desirable. Doz riffs!

(via CVLT Nation)







Chicago’s Bongripper have a double LP named Miserable due for release this summer. Very cool album cover, don’t you think? Their new song is named “Endless”. More than 17 minutes of Grade A, top-shelf, ultra-prime, free range, grain fed skull crushage. Spine-compressing, head-flattening, sludgy, slo-mo doom. You can fire one up if you want, but it won’t save you.

(via Noisey)







The next thing is a music video for a song off a single named Let Them Burn to be released digitally by Sweden’s Denied on May 19. The name of the song is “Three Degrees of Evil”. I watched and listened to it because Denied includes former members of Opeth, Therion, and Grave.

I should not like the song. As you know, I have a low tolerance for “classic” heavy metal and an even lower tolerance for power metal, of which there are hints in this song. But like it I do! The fuckin’ riffs are irresistible, and Johan Fahlberg does have some pipes on him. So catchy… and a very well-made video by Fredrik Folkare of Stockholm’s Chrome Studios, too.



  1. Goddammit Islander..dont borrow anything from Axl, who knows where the hell its been

    • 🙂 I was grinning almost from the beginning, but when I got to “kills himself mid-show by inhaling next to a guy in a Primer 55 shirt, thereby attaining sweet release”, I lost it.

      • (Hed) P.E. has 10 times the integrity of a shitty gossip website like metalsucks haha. Those assclowns would be all over (Hed) if they were on a major label! I know it’s their job to be douchebags, so whatever…
        Vader rules though, i always look forward to hearing new stuff from them! Guaranteed to be grade-A solid death metal.

  2. “Triumph of Death” is killer, i need this album right now

  3. new Barghest, I approve, will have to pick this up.

  4. Digging that Bongripper and Vallenfyre, the former a great soundtrack to buying tickets to see Red Fang tomorrow night.

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