May 292014

I’ve not been paying much attention to new song and video premieres or metal news since leaving town for Maryland Deathfest last week and I’ve fallen way behind. But I did just see what you’re about to see in this post — a pair of brand new goodies from NOLA’s Goatwhore relevant to their new album Constricting Rage of the Merciless.

First, we have the cover art created by Jordan Barlow. Very nice.

Second, we have a lyric video for an advance track from the album named “FBS”. It is also very nice (I’m pretty sure I heard them play this on the recent Metal Alliance tour). It’s a nasty, thrashy stun-gun of blackened speed metal with riffs galore and an off-speed instrumental break that’s just as cool as the pedal-to-the-metal parts.

The song has a bone-grinding low end that rumbles the gut, Ben Falgoust’s snarls are in prime form, and hell yes, there’s a guaranteed shout-along in the lyrics (the part that has been abbreviated into “FBS”).

Constricting Rage of the Merciless is 37 minutes long and it was recorded at Mana Recording Studios in Florida with Erik Rutan, who has been recording the band’s music since A Haunting Curse (2006). The album will be released by Metal Blade on July 8 in North America and can be pre-ordered here. Check out “FBS”:


  5 Responses to “GOATWHORE: “FBS””

  1. Another album that I’m waiting for, very good song!

  2. I was racking my brain for the whole song trying to figure out what FBS meant. Why the hell didn’t i think of the right answer? It’s so magnificently direct and simple.


    Yes, it must be done every time!

  4. yup, that’s pretty badass 🙂

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