Jun 242014

I watched a lot of new music videos yesterday, many of which made me smile, though not all for the same reasons. I decided to put all the smile-inducing ones right here for you — five of ’em, in alphabetical order by band name. That’s right, five. Settle in, fix a bucket of popcorn and douse it in that movie theater goop that should be labeled IT TASTES LIKE BUTTER BUT IT’S NOT!, and watch. And listen. Listening is important.

If none of these makes you smile, then I surrender and will take my lashes without complaint. Because I never complain when that happens.


As we’ve previously reported, India’s Demonic Resurrection have a new album entitled The Demon King that’s due for release on July 14 by Candlelight Records (and by Universal Music in India). Yesterday the band started streaming the album’s first single, “Trail of Devastation”, and it’s a winner — well-written, well-produced, dynamic, memorable, and made for fist-pumping.

It combines swirling guitar melody, sweeping orchestration, and riffs that alternately twist insidiously and jab like a prize-fighter. The Demonstealer puts his multifaceted vocal talents to good use in the song, too, with an array of harsh roars, scalding shrieks, and carefully placed, soaring clean vocals that really work.

Listen below.









Norikum are an Austrian band who just released their debut album earlier this month. Entitled Regress In Progress, it’s now available on Bandcamp via the link below. The only song I’ve heard from it so far is the one in the video I’m about to show you — “Wretched Existence”.

The song got its hooks in me well before it finished on the very first listen. It’s a big-grooved, virally infectious swath of hammering melodic death metal. Hooks… and hammering… and a vocalist who lets it all hang out, plus some tasty shred. Fun!

The video is a well-made production, too, and although watching a hot chick crawl around in her slip might be entertaining enough all by itself, there’s at least one and maybe two levels of symbolism in here that add a bit of depth. Plus trash that will be properly recycled.









Overkill’s new album is White Devil Armory, due from Nuclear Blast on July 18. Their new lyric video is for a song called “Armorist”. I don’t need to say anything about this. It’s Overkill. You know what you’re going to get. Additional words would be overkill.









For two days running I’ve been posting selected full-set streams of performances from the recently completed HELLFEST in Clisson, France. This next video isn’t a full set, but it’s a brand new song performed for the first time at HELLFEST. The band is Norway’s  venerable Tsjuder, and the song is “Demonic Supremacy”.

This is a high-voltage black thrash rampage. Heads will bang, heads will whip, saliva and sweat will fly, sexual organs will become engorged.









Wilson are from Detroit. They released a debut album last year with one of the best album names ever: Full Blast Fuckery. It’s about to come out on vinyl for the first time, and to help pump the shit out of that development they came out with a new music video yesterday (they’re also touring with He Is Legend and Maylene and The Sons of Disaster this summer).

The video is for a song named “If You Leave Me, I Will Find You” (these dudes clearly have a talent for coming up with titles). The song is an Exception to Our Rule, because I like it and I say it is. But even if you’re a died-in-the-wool, none-a-that-goddamn-clean-singing kind of person, I’m betting you’ll still have fun with this video.

I’m not going to say a word about it, so as to avoid spoiling any hilarious surprises (and there are a lot of ’em in here). Just watch it.




  1. My, that Wilson video is something!

  2. Hopefully this means a new Tsjuder album will be showing up soon

  3. lots of awesome stuff, here! i particularly enjoyed the Tsjuder video 🙂

  4. Norikum is a fantastic find! Almost a slight hint of AILD in them, particularly the melodic-yet-virally-infectious character of the riffs.

    Wilson’s pretty cool too. I caught half a song of their set when they were touring with GWAR (RIP Dave Brockie/Oderus Urungus) and Warbeast, having arrived later than I had planned/hoped (as usual), and was rather impressed.

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