Jul 022014

Brooklyn’s Mortals have been turning a lot of heads as advance tracks from their new album, Cursed To See the Future, have been appearing around the web over the last month. But the time has finally come to unveil the album in its full power, as we bring you a stream of the work from start to finish.

The reason heads have been turning is that Mortals are so successful at unifying disparate strands of heavy metal into highly memorable — and viscerally potent — songs. Woven into their dark tapestries you will find strands of sludge, doom, black metal, and thrash. The result is music that’s massively heavy, massively headbangable, and almost always decimating to the core.

Elizabeth Cline clearly has a genius for concocting riffs, and Cursed gives her the chance to show the range of her talents. Bassist Lesley Wolf gets plenty of opportunities to shine as well, because her nimble yet concrete-heavy rumbling is never out of ear shot — and her voice rakes with steel claws. Not to be outdone, drummer Caryn Havlik turns in a highly varied (but always spine-shaking) performance that’s a big part of why this music is so damned interesting.



Cursed To See the Future will be released by Relapse Records on July 8 and is available for pre-order now. Check out the links below, and then let the music take you in its crushing embrace.




  1. I’m usually not much into death metal, but I rather like Mortals. Nice and varied. Cool riffs.

  2. Wow, this is really great. An onslaught of killer riffs – and I love how they aren’t beholden to any one subgenre.

  3. seen them play w/ Black Anvil — Mortals rip!! Loving the bass tones!

  4. Fantastic stuff, looking forward to getting the CD, just pre-ordered. Thanks for the stream.

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