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Sweden’s Entombed A.D. have recorded a new album named Back To the Front, and it’s finally due for release by Century Media on August 4 in Europe and August 5 in NorthAm. As you can see, it features a great piece of cover art by Zbigniew Bielak. It also features the talents of L-G Petrov, Nico Elgstrand, Victor Brandt, and Olle Dahlstedt. Why this group are calling themselves Entombed A.D. instead of Entombed is a long story that you can read about somewhere else. What I want you to do is listen to this new song “Vulture and the Traitor” from the album.

Actually, you may be listening to it a second time, because it briefly appeared on YouTube last November. That turned out to be an unauthorized posting because it was removed after I wrote about the track back then. If you missed that clip, don’t miss this one. It has a definite old-school feel in its sludgy riff tone and in its mix of d-beat, punk, and hardcore rhythms. L-G Petrov’s completely distinctive throaty vocals are in great form, and the song also boasts a hot-as-hell guitar solo. I really am enjoying the song (again).

You can also bang your fuckin’ head to a previously released single from the album named “Bedlam Attack”, which appeared in late May; it includes some very cool off-speed sections in addition to all the curb stomping — and holy shit, those vocals… Both tracks come right after the jump.





  1. ..gave the first track two minutes

    …Nope…nope, nope, nope

    ..Sorry Entombed..its been nice, and we’ll always have Left Hand Path, but Im afraid we’re done

    • Why? I mean sure, it’s not Left Hand Path at all. Just not your style?

      • Basically…Theyre still using that groove/death-n-roll style that Im not super fond of to begin with, but the song itself dosnt flow very well for me either. That transition at around the 55 second mark to the faster tempo sounds like they mashed two separate songs together and kind of takes me out of the music. They repeat it later in the track as well and I had the same reaction.

        The second track..Bedlam Attack had some moments I liked musically, but overall I think it would have been improved by incorporating some more actual death metal into the groove

    • I’m with you on this. The first two Entombed albums were great, but they lost me after that and have never really gotten me back. Dismember picked up the slack and I ran with them. This isn’t going to do the trick, either. I suppose there are probably a lot of people who enjoy the death & roll style, but I’m not one of them. Not sure if the other version of this band has moved towards the “return to form” I’d love to see, but I’m doubting it.

      • There are few albums that mean as much to me as Left Hand Path, but I guess I just accepted the fact a long time ago that Entombed aren’t ever going to sound like that again, and I enjoy what they’re doing now for what it is (just as I really enjoyed Wolverine Blues).

  2. Unlike the others, for me THIS is my Entombed. “Morning Star” remains my favourite album of there’s, and that style just works for me.

    • Also… “there’s”? That’s clearly incorrect. It should be “theirs”. My apologies.

    • I’m with you there. I’m pretty into this track, too. LG sounds great, and I love that ringing bass sound.

      So what’s the deal with the name change? I hope it isn’t anything along Queensryche lines…

  3. these are awesome songs

  4. Wait for the full album, these songs are probably the weakest cuts. This album sits right up there with Clandestine IMO.

    • I’m deeply in love with this album, and I’m a huge early fan. I didn’t drop off over the years, though. A couple crappy releases doesn’t scare me away. Petrov’s voice is of the devil, and these dudes hammer it out perfectly on this one. I’ve got it on repeat, forever. It makes me happy hearing it. I’d kill to see them tour with Obituary or anybody, really!

      Actually, Entombed A+D and Bombus makes perfect sense tour wise. This album fucking destroys everything.

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