Aug 012014

I’m about to get really high. I’m guessing 35,000 feet once the plane takes off and reaches cruising altitude. I’m hoping it will land in Denver instead of disappearing. There seems to be a lot of that these days. If it doesn’t land, I’ll miss Denver Black Sky and this post will be my epitaph.

I intended to include more than just one song in this post, but one is all I’ve got time for before I have to run the TSA gauntlet at Sea-Tac Airport. So I’m going with Krieg.


Krieg’s new album is named Transient. It’s coming out September 2 on Candlelight. I haven’t heard it yet, but some of the people at Decibel have, and they say it’s “killer”. They say it’s Krieg taking their music to its “next logical place” — “further down the rat hole of desperation, frustration, and monochromatic hate.”

They said that by way of introducing their premiere of the first song from the album, “Order of the Solitary Road”. I don’t know about the rest of the album yet, but yessir, this song is killer.


At the beginning, it sounds like you’ve been dropped down a wormhole, cosmic sounds reverberating off the walls of the warp, and strange electronic emanations beginning to rip a few wires loose in your head. But then here it comes, those pounding drums (which sound like gunshots) and those rancid, crackling guitar chords, and that deranged, demonic voice. Hammering music — which then becomes skin-scraping black metal, a moving wall of claws and blasts.

But it’s not all ripping and raging — there are breaks in the rhythm, with a  punk-rocking beat that will get your head moving even harder, before the storm returns and tries to rip it off while a madman howls his message. Damn good. Listen below…




  1. Certainly intriguing. I’ll have to look out for any more advance tracks if/when they come out.

  2. That’s freakin’ Krieg-tastic.

  3. This is great. Thick sound and better riffs than I expect from Krieg. A step up.

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