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Jet-setter that I am, I’m on the road again this week in my old hometown of Austin, Texas. Until last night I haven’t had as much time as usual to check out new music or write about it. I missed a lot, and am trying to catch up before having to leave the world of metal for the rest of today.

I discovered so many things I want to bring to your attention that I’ve divided them into three parts, this being the second (Part 1 is here). The first three items in this round-up are mainly visual.


Those long-running Floridian death kings Obituary have a new album named Inked In Blood coming out on October 28 via Relapse Records, and yesterday the cover art was revealed. As you can see, it’s brutal. The art is by Andreas Marschall. I’m hoping for equally brutal music.



Yesterday brought a second announcement, with cover art, via Relapse Records: California’s Abysmal Dawn will be releasing a new album named Obsolescence on October 28 in North America (October 24 in Germany/Benelux/Finland and October 27 in the UK and everywhere). The very nice cover art is by Par Olofsson.

This album has been a long time coming, and I have high hopes for it. Here’s the track list and notes about guest appearances:

1. Human Obsolescence
2. Perfecting Slavery (featuring Christian Muenzner – Official Site)
3. Inanimate
4. Devouring the Essence of God (featuring Bobby Koelble)
5. One Percent Incomplete
6. Loathed in Life / Praised in Death
7. By My Demons
8. Laborem Morte Liberat Te
9. The Inevitable Return to Darkness
Bonus Track:
10. Night’s Blood (DISSECTION cover)




This next item isn’t a new studio release but a poster for a series of CD release shows scheduled by Ireland’s Primordial. The shows will take place in Germany this coming November. Primordial will be supported by Portrait and Bölzer (Switzerland) — and man, I would kill to be at one of these events.

And yes, this means a new Primordial album is coming…

More info here:ÖLZER/108657105834227




Okay, lots of pretty metal artwork in this post so far, but no music yet. So let’s have some fuckin’ death metal!

To close out this round-up I bring you two new songs from Colorado’s Crypticus. They will appear on Chains for Devils, the second in the band’s Horror Grind Mixtape series; the first installment can be found here, and I presume Part 2 will appear there as well in due course.

The two new combined tracks premiered yesterday at Decibel, and the names are “Strike the Iron Stake” and “Transformation Scene”. The first part of the combination features the horrific vocal talents of Rogga Johansson, as well as riffs that do indeed resemble the pounding of an iron stake right down through the top of your skull — followed by a heavy-hooved gallop, and a drilling guitar lead, just in case your head hasn’t already been wrecked enough. Nice.

Here’s the track list so far (apparently, there will be some surprises added):

-A Crooked Shadow In the Mansion
-The Blasted Heath
-Strike the Iron Stake (Featuring Rogga Johansson)
-Cabinet of Chemicals
-Scorbutics (ASPHYX cover)

And here’s the music:




  1. Wow, Primordial-Portrait-Bolzer is a really interesting mix, but it makes sense on some level. I would be an accomplice to your killings to be at one of those events. Also, new Primordial album? Fuck yeah.

  2. Maybe it’s the color scheme, but that new abysmal dawn album cover reminds me (in a good way) of the art from obituary’s _Cause of Death_.

  3. My ears are ready for the caress of a new Primordial album.

  4. hope the new Abysmal Dawn sounds as cool as the album art looks

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