Aug 112014

From the Abyss They Rise is the new album by Norway’s Pantheon I (whose line-up includes members of 1349, Trollfest, and Den Saakaldte, among others) and it will be released on August 14 by the band’s new label, Non Serviam Records. It begins with an EP of five new songs and ends with the band’s first demo recording, and it features wonderful cover art by Kjell Åge Meland.

We’ve already sung the praises of the album’s new songs via this review by Andy Synn, and today we’re happy to bring you the streaming premiere of the entire album.

Both decadent and splendorous, acid-drenched and haunting, feverish and slow-burning, the new songs mark a subtle but significant step ahead for a multi-faceted group whose brand of black metal has always been out of the ordinary. This new release presents a vista of the band’s progression over time, and it’s one we highly recommend.

From the Abyss They Rise is available for pre-order here (with free shipping). You can follow Pantheon I on Facebook via this link. Here’s the full-album stream:



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