Aug 222014

(Sometimes NCS contributor Leperkahn is going to his first metal festival and is looking for companionship. We do expect a full report.)

Leperkahn is going to a festival

First of all, I want to apologize for not writing here since roughly the Middle Ages (specifically, late April). I could come up with excuses (the surprising amount of things that went into high school graduation, a trip to Scandinavia, getting a job as a pizza delivery guy here in San Diego), but really it comes down to me being a lazy piece of shite, as I’ve spent equal amounts of time marathoning Star Wars and Lord of the Rings movies.

Anyway, I’m finally back, for the time being – I start college a month or so from the time I’m writing this, which will be a whole new can of worms to open, and, more pressingly, I’m filling some of the time in between (since I’m on a quarter system, I start really late, and thus most of my friends will be gone by the end of this week) with a trip to Paris, through a UChicago program called September in Paris.

Much of this wouldn’t mean much for anyone else in the NCS-sphere if my trip didn’t engulf the weekend upon which the inaugural Fall of Summer Open Air is happening in Torcy, France (just a short train/bus ride outside of Paris, or 30 minutes-ish by car).

This incredible bout of serendipity on my part has allowed me to go for a decent portion of it (provided I can get down there each night for a reasonable number of the bands.). As a recently emancipated teenager who has never had a reliable source of disposable income, I haven’t been as lucky as some of the other contributers to this site in visiting festivals like MDF (though my soon-to-be-roommate and I are hatching plans to make it over for Saturday and Sunday this year), so this will be my first experience with one of these purported meccas of metal, covering whatever I get a chance to see with wide eyes and a disturbingly devious grin.

However, I am currently going to this alone (who would’ve thought only 1 in 20 UChicago students would be excited to see Aura Noir?), and with a possibly considerable language barrier (Duolingo on helps you learn so much French in a month). If any of you NCS readers have a chance in hell at going to this, I’d love to see you there, if only to have someone to chat with when I’m not engrossed in a Bolzer or Carcass set.

More self-servingly, you might be the saint that allows me to avoid a 5 AM train back to Paris so that I can get to the Saturday activities of the UChicago program. But really, I just want a friend out there in the fields of Torcy, and for the good people that organized this shindig to do well enough so that it may continue long into the future.

Your crazy Uncle Leperkahn (probably more like Nephew, if we’re going by my age) hopes to see you out there September 5th and/or 6th!


  1. Damn it, I would certainly love to go to this myself. But unfortunately…

  2. that’s a pretty good lineup!

  3. Side note: I’m finding the color scheme of the flyer really appealing for some reason.

  4. Well, i’m french, i already have my ticket… You’ll just have to excuse my poor english… Hope to see you there!

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