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I’ve arranged the following new video and song premieres in a way that spurs imaginings of you trapped on the upper floor of a building being demolished by jackhammers of an alien design, plummeting toward the ground while shrieking in terror, and then being buried in a drizzling rain. Well, I don’t mean you in particular, I mean listeners and viewers in general. You’ll see.

But first, Sweden’s Bloodbath have finally revealed the identity of their new vocalist — a subject about which I and many others have been speculating since much earlier this year.


Yes, that’s right — just a couple hours ago Metal Hammer officially revealed that Bloodbath’s new vocalist is none other than Nick Holmes, the vocalist of Paradise Lost. He was indeed born in 1971, which was the first clue that Bloodbath offered way back in February. He was not the person I guessed then (I guessed Jörgen Sandström). I didn’t even seriously contemplate Mr. Holmes, given his predominant vocal style — but Metal Hammer reports that the new album (Grand Morbid Funeral) “will see the return of the ravenous and cavernous growl that marked Paradise Lost’s debut album, Lost Paradise.”

Metal Hammer further reports that the album will include guest appearances by Chris Reifert and Eric Cutler of Autopsy.

Surely you have some thoughts about this revelation, so feel free to sound off in the Comments.



On September 30 Nuclear Blast will release The Ophidian Trek, a live performance by Sweden’s Meshuggah, on DVD, Blu-Ray, and double CD. The footage was shot at multiple locations in the U.S. and Europe during the band’s Ophidian Trek tour and includes festival footage from Wacken Open Air 2013 in Germany. It can be pre-ordered (along with a new t-shirt) here.

I’m writing about this now because yesterday premiered a clip from the new live video for Meshuggah’s performance of “Do Not Look Down”.

The track lists for the DVD and the CDs can be seen after the video.



Live DVD / Blu-Ray:

01 – Swarmer
02 – Swarm
03 – Combustion
04 – Rational Gaze
05 – obZen
06 – Lethargica
07 – Do Not Look Down
08 – The Hurt That Finds You First
09 – I Am Colossus
10 – Bleed
11 – Demiurge
12 – New Millennium Cyanide Christ
13 – Dancers To A Discordant System
14 – Mind’s Mirrors / In Death – Is Life / In Death – Is Death
15 – The Last Vigil

Live CD 1:

01 – Swarmer
02 – Swarm
03 – Combustion
04 – Rational Gaze
05 – obZen
06 – Lethargica
07 – Do Not Look Down
08 – The Hurt That Finds You First
09 – I Am Colossus

Live CD 2:

01 – Bleed
02 – Demiurge
03 – New Millennium Cyanide Christ
04 – Dancers To A Discordant System
05 – Mind’s Mirrors / In Death – Is Life / In Death – Is Death
06 – The Last Vigil







Canadian grind band Fuck the Facts are releasing an EP of three songs that were originally written (and partially recorded) for their album Die Miserable, but were not used for that album. The EP’s name is Abandoned and its excellent cover art is by Derek Setzer. One song from the album began streaming yesterday — it’s name is “L’Impasse”, and you can hear it below. Gird your loins.

Abandoned will be released on October 1. It can be pre-ordered digitally for $1 (which will get you an immediate download of “L’Impasse”) or on cassette for $5 at the Bandcamp link below.








The Russian/Ukrainian doom band Kauan have a new album coming on November 4 via Blood Music. It’s the band’s sixth full-length and is entitled Muistumia, which means “reminiscences”. The album consists of re-recorded songs from the band’s previous discography.

Yesterday Metal Sucks premiered a track from the album named “Orkidea”. It’s dreary and beautiful and heavy, and I’m quite enjoying my imagining of your funeral.

Muistumia will become available for pre-order on September 17 at this location.




  1. Loving that new Fuck the Facts track.

  2. Nick Holmes! Very pleased about this!

  3. very cool, i wonder when Bloodbath will share some new music

  4. I’m surprised about the Nick Holmes announcement. I had sort of automatically assumed the next vocalist would be another Swedish guy, so I guess I wasn’t thinking outside of box enough when I was trying to guess who they’d pick.

    • I obviously didn’t think outside the box enough either. One of their clues was a photo of an English phone box in a village, and in hindsight that should have been a tip-off, but I still didn’t imagine Holmes.

  5. I was under the impression that Nick had lost his growls because from the live clips I’ve seen he’s done some halfassed harsh vocals for the past decade or so. But, I didn’t know Tägtgren could go as low as he did on Nightmares made flesh either, so I’m all for this.

    • Paradise Lost played a couple of old old songs during their anniversary tour last year and Holmes’s live growls were noticeably weaker than his current vocal style. I think the album will still sound excellent though but live is another story.

      Re-recording of Gothic (2013):
      Live version (2013):

      • “I think the album will still sound excellent though but live is another story.”

        Because studio trickery? Yeah, probably.

        Cool, I didn’t know they had re-recorded Gothic and Our saviour. Those sounded nice, but like you said, the live version was not really that enthralling. Ah well, we’ll see how all this turns out.

  6. It disappoints me that Corridor of Chameleons from Chaosphere is missing from that live dvd, and you can find no live videos of them ever playing it. I personally find it to be one of their most brilliant songs ever, and I swear to you, the second half of that song is the direct inspiration for the breakdown in 43% burnt.

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