Sep 242014

About a week ago it was revealed that Bloodbath’s new vocalist is none other than Nick Holmes, the vocalist of Paradise Lost. At that time, it was further reported that the new album (Grand Morbid Funeral) “will see the return of the ravenous and cavernous growl that marked Paradise Lost’s debut album, Lost Paradise.”

Well, now you get to test the accuracy of that forecast, because the band have today premiered the first advance track from the new album — “Unite In Pain”.

This is an exclusive song stream, which means I can’t embed it for you. And fuck, I can’t even tell you what it sounds like, because, thanks to my fucking day job, I’m in a place at the moment where I can’t listen. But don’t let that stop you — here’s the link where you can find the song, and then feel free to leave Comments and let us know what you think:

The album will be released by Peaceville on Nov 17 and can be ordered here.


  1. Well, that ought to lay to rest any lingering worries about whether Nick Holmes was up to the job. It sounds good! Really good!

  2. Beautiful! Could just as well have been a Vallenfyre sound, not that I’m complaining.

  3. Yeah good old reliable! Never heard a bad song from Bloodbath.

  4. That was a welcome treat. Bloodbath delivers again.

  5. This is outstanding. Perfect music for the cold autumn days that lay ahead.

  6. Funny how I was skeptical but I enjoyed it. Yet many of my friends who were super pumped are disappointed.

    Yeah the vocals are different. I didn’t even think Nixk could do growls effectively anymore but it sounded fine to me.

  7. So excited for this album. Love this song.

  8. There’s a lot of people approaching it with a negative attitude from the start. If you look for the bad, you’ll find (what your mind considers) bad. For instance, you’ll trick yourself into thinking that he “sounds weak” on the verses because he can’t go low or shriek high (which are falsities, as the low growls following prove), or that he cannot hold out growls for long (but that is because the vocal rhythm is choppy for the most part, as well as them choosing an old-fashioned, reverbed mic setting for the lows – not to mask lack of sustain.) But I approached it knowing that, along with what the band is trying (and achieving) to do, which is take a step backward in order to go forward. Just like they started, but not with Mikael. He’s staying in a classic midrange like old Swedish death, classic death metal, and not doing the hoover/duster thing to be “looky-what-I-can-do!!!”, but just sounding like himself, and to be subjective in my theory; he’s being mindful of dynamics. I personally love it, and again – that’s because I approached it with an open mind and the present and future being considered.

    • However, it obviously doesn’t apply here – because the comments on NCS are refreshingly positive. It’s the main reason why I now frequent this great publication! Metal unity and kinship! HAILS! \m/

  9. Man. If Bloodbath with Ackerfeldt and Tagtgren was old school, Bloodbath with Holmes is old OLD school. Reminds me of back when Death Metal was just a baby in the late 80s/90s. Good stuff. I was a bit worried that Holmes couldn’t pull it off, but he’s definitely got this business covered. Good stuff. Gonna make a nice soundtrack for my Halloween.

    • I am so glad to see someone put it that way. That’s exactly how I see it. They call his voice “cavernous”, among other things…and I’m not sure exactly how they mean that. But it seems to be a perfect word, however it is meant. His style sounds rotten, decayed, sick, and powerful when the dynamic calls for it. I like it better than Mikael, myself (I know that’s probably surprising). This stuff is dark as hell, and I bet there’s no shortage of that on the rest of the album. Cannot wait to get my hands on a copy.

  10. I really want to like this but those vocals are fucking horrible, sounds like the sounds that people who don’t like death metal make when they are mocking the genre. Honestly it sounds like a joke.

    • One of the reasons I like NCS is for how positive and nice everyone has been since I found it. And, though we all know it’s okay to have an opinion, yours stinks like a bratty teenager not getting what he wants. Keep that shit to yourself. I’ve been a metal fan since ’89, and see nothing wrong at all with how primitive and abysmal Bloodbath has chosen to sound on this release. God. Metal fans did not used to act like this…

      • And to further why I replied this way – “The stuff we hear that we don’t dig we just pass on by without comment. And besides, extreme metal bands have a tough enough time without people like us shitting on them.” That is a quote from this very site’s “About” section. That is a mature mindset. I’m sure the readers adhering to this type of thinking is preferred, and undoubtedly appreciated.

        • Well I’m sorry I thought the comment section was for expressing your opinion on whatever the article is about. I have been a huge fan of Bloodbath since the beginning and was very eager to hear the new material. That being said I was very disappointed with the vocals on this song and I was writing my two cents in that post. I hadn’t read the rules dictating that you should only post praise. I apologize.

          • Well, I understand that some will be disappointed at any band’s new output. It’s just the way it is nowadays. And some will “get it”. But it seems that nobody takes the time to try and understand what a group of artists is actually trying to do when they change. And it’s not a “praise only” comment section, no. But I will repeat that I scoured the net to avoid all the bullshit disdain and lack of support I see on most comment sections that are getting to be more abundant than SUPPORT or even metal “fans” looking on whatever brightside they can find. And I found NCS, and it was the most positive site I found (ironically, due to the name, which is now just a fun moniker, if not a bit misleading) It’s unfortunate that you are disappointed, that’s less good for you, and more good for the people that can understand and enjoy it. Me, I’ve been a metal fan for as long as I stated above, which undoubtedly means I caught Bloodbath from their debut moment. But it also means that I’ve seen sound-changes and members come and go for many bands over the years. And it is better for everyone to embrace it and let the artists entertain us. Either that, or move on to something that will fit our tastes. I’m sorry for the low blow about your opinion. But I have seen so many comments just like yours on the matter already, even on Bloodbath’s official page. They are people too, and they might be tough and sick…and brutal. But they recently underwent a change. And they (and Nick) deserve to get comfortable with it. Their “fans” are making it hard for them. But it’s the ones like the posters above, and myself, that make up for their lack of support elsewhere.

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