Sep 242014

This has been a big day for song and video premieres. In fact, all we’ve done today is post about song and video premieres. And in this post you’ll find three more.


As previously reported (with glee), Abysmal Dawn have a new album named Obsolescence coming out October 24 (Ger/Benelux/Finland) and October 27 (US/UK/World). It will be released by Relapse Records on CD, LP, and digitally. About an hour ago the band dropped another new song from the album named “The Inevitable Return To Darkness”.

It’s one heavy-assed ripper that kicks open the door to a death metal blast furnace. It’s fully loaded with technically impressive (and inventive) instrumental performances and voracious vocal filth, and it includes some cool dual-guitar harmony. Also, I can pretty much guarantee you’re going to want to bang your head like a bobble-head on a roller-coaster.

Below you can check out the new song as well as the one previously released. You can pre-order the album at Bandcamp, where the pre-order will get you an immediate download of both tracks.








The new Cannibal Corpse album, A Skeletal Domain, is out now via Metal Blade and it’s the highest charting album in their career. We praised it in this review, and today the band released a new official video for “Kill Or Become”. And you’ll never guess what’s in it.

Flesh-eating zombies!! And one badass dude with a chainsaw and a penchant for genital mutilation! And gore! Can you believe it? Gore in a Cannibal Corpse video?!? Astounding.








I’m afraid we haven’t given the latest album by Entombed A.D. much love around here, despite the fact that I do have a deep and abiding love for Entombed that has barely dimmed with the passage of time and the changes in the band’s sound (not to mention the changes in their line-up which has given rise to two Entombeds).

I do like Back To the Front despite being silent about it, and today the band gave me an excuse to say something because they premiered a video for one of the new songs, “Kill To Live”. It was filmed at Party-San Open Air in Germany by Oliver Barth from Visions In Fear. It’s one of the catchiest songs on the album, but it also rocks pretty hard. Fun to watch the stage show on this pro-shot video, too.




  1. all of these are awesome 🙂

  2. Kill or Become had been my least favorite song on the new one for a while, but it’s growing on me. Hard to resist the urge to belt out “FIRE UP THE CHAINSAW”, to the chagrin of most of my floor.

  3. Even better the second time. I’m going to be growling “Fire up the chainsaw!” under my breath at work tonight. And then probably have to have the “stop creeping out the customers” talk with my supervisor… again.

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