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I’ve had vomit on my mind, and not for the usual reason after a weekend. This time it’s because I happened to notice that I had promos for three new albums by bands with the word “vomit” in their names, and at about the same time as I figured that out, I heard a new song from yet another vomit band on Facebook that I liked. It’s definitely not a distinct genre, this vomit metal. As you’ll see, vomit comes in all kinds of different chunks.

And although I’m joking around about vomit, some of the most fun I’ve had all year with my clothes on has come from listening to the music featured in this post. I do hope you’ll devote your time to it.


You may have noticed from the headline of this post that it includes two bands named Death Vomit. This first one is from Chile, and their debut album Gutted By Horrors was released this past July by Xtreem Music. I wrote about the first advance track from the album last June, but idiot that I am, I never listened to the whole album until Kunal Choksi reminded me of its existence via a recent e-mail.

I’m so glad I finally paid attention, because Gutted By Horrors punches a whole shitload of my buttons — it’s a supremely well-executed assault of ancient death metal lethality, like a strain of plague bacterium that has begun virulently festering after being unearthed from a crypt and exposed to air once again.

The highly radioactive riffs and skin-splitting solos effectively create a poisonous atmosphere of evil but are equally effective in putting a high-voltage charge of electrifying power straight into the reptile part of the brain. Both when the band are storming like the blast front of a nuclear detonation and when crawling like recently reanimated corpses, they’re potent — and toxic.

Truly barbarous, senses-shattering old-school death metal that’s masterfully produced — and highly recommended.











Wömit Angel was founded in early summer of 2010 in Tampere, Finland. They released one full-length and three shorter offerings, and their second album Holy Goatse was discharged by Inverse Records on September 12 of this year.

The music is rough and raw and loaded with genius riffs that scrape like a big butcher’s blade, hammer like a mallet, and drill like a good old-fashioned trepanning, coupled with a highly inventive flurry of rapidly transitioning rhythms and well-rooted melodies. It’s a kind of blackened d-beat punk and thrash that bows to Satan at the same time as it’s kicking out the jams with heavy boots and boozy screams and roars.

Seriously, this will knock some or your teeth out and leave you grinning through the bloody froth while your eyes roll back in your head. It’s just ridiculously good, the kind of authentic, high-megawatt, made-to-mosh music that nicely sums up the fuck-you that has fueled heavy metal since its genesis. There’s not one middling song on this album — they’re all dynamite — and the collection as a whole makes it one of my favorite albums of the year. Also, “Summoning the Spirits of Agony” will be on my 2014 Most Infectious Song list, guaranteed.

Below I’ve embedded a music video for a song from Holy Goatse named “Skin ‘n’ Fuck” as well as a stream of the title track. Sadly, I haven’t found a stream of “Summoning the Spirits of Agony”.











This band is the second one featured in this post who chose the name Death Vomit, and they’re from Indonesia. I heard about them for the first time via an e-mail we received just a couple of days ago. Their second album Forging A Legacy was released in August 2014 by Armstretch Records, and it appears the album is also now being released (or at least promoted) by Xenophobic Entertainment from Perth, Australia.

This Death Vomit shares with the Chilean one an affinity for toxic, radioactive production quality — the highly distorted riffs sound absolutely massive and they jab, whirr, and stomp with intense power. The band borrow the snare-heavy drum attack and slamming rhythms of brutal death metal, but the fretwork is also frequently blistering and the eerie soloing adds a ghostly atmosphere to music that’s rooted in remorseless, tangibly physical bludgeoning.

“Evil Rise” is the one song I’ve found that’s available for streaming, so that’s the one you’ll hear below, but the whole album is really damned good.

I’m afraid I don’t know where to point you to obtain Forging A Legacy.  If I find out, I’ll update this post.










The song you’re about to hear is the one I found via a Facebook post a couple of days ago — the one that started the rusty gears in my head turning, leading to a remembrance that I had all this vomit metal I hadn’t yet heard.

Radioactive Vomit are from Vancouver, which seems to be ground zero for war metal. They’ve produced two demos and two splits, the last of which was a December 2013 perversion with Column of Heaven. Now they’ve recorded a 7″ EP named Ratflesh that Vault of Dried Bones and Iron Bonehead Productions will be releasing in December. The EP was recorded by VK of Vassafor and will consist of four songs plus an intro and an outro track.

The song that just went up for streaming is the first one following the intro, and its name is “Pestis Malevolus”. “Radioactive” seems to be the word that has most frequently jumped into my head in listening to the music collected in this post, and it does so again here — and not just because of this band’s name. “Pestis Malevolus” will set off Geiger counters from miles away.

But apart from the music’s fuzzed-out, needling toxicity, this blackened death metal barrage also includes a mid-section hammer-fest that hits like a nuclear detonation (or a series of them, to be more precise). I badly want to hear the rest of this EP.





  1. Great post!!! Got death vomit (Chile) album and it’s amazing. Overall great bands featured here

  2. Great post! This is some truly pestilent shit.

  3. Talking of Death Vomits, there’s this dead death metal band from russia. They’d apparently released one self-titled studio and one live album (which is nowhere to be found on the internet, I’ll need to venture into russia one day to get a cassette). Anyway, even if they have but a single release, it’s still a killing piece of old school death:

  4. Death Vomit (Indonesia) is seriously awesome! 🙂

  5. Word to the wise: don’t read this on a full stomach.

  6. Death Vomit (Indonesia) yeahh fucking awesome . .

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