Nov 252020


(Today Vonlughlio’s recommendation for hungry fans of brutal death metal is the latest album by Indonesia’s Death Vomit, which was released in July by Demented Mind Records.)

As some of might you know, one of my favorite genres is BDM (you don’t say! lol) and I love the different scenes around the globe that embrace and live for it. Indonesian Death Metal (IDDM) is a prime example of a scene that loves death metal in general, and BDM is particularly huge in that country.

Lots of projects/fans from the region are passionate about the music. For them it is a form of love that a lot of people from other parts of the world should take note of. Maybe one reason I appreciate this so much is that other fans who show a similar level of passion are from Latin America, and I am Latino, so I can relate to the IDDM scene. Continue reading »

Mar 072016



(In this post our guest Kunal Choksi, owner/editor of the Transcending Obscurity webzine and record label, recommends releases by four death metal bands from Chile.)


SadismAlliance (Toxic Records/Mechanix Records)

Long-running and probably the most overlooked Chilean band of all time, Sadism have interestingly released a new album late last year, which is a must for fans of the band in general and those who’re into the Floridian style of death metal propagated by bands like Monstrosity, Diabolic, Eulogy, and Malevolent Creation – perhaps only darker.

There’s something that comes with the soil that makes the music sound all the more evil and menacing in comparison to the American counterparts, and it definitely helps that the band members are technically proficient, as was evident with the release of gems like Summon and A Dwelling of Gods a decade or so back. It’s worth revisiting the band’s past catalogue. Continue reading »

Apr 252015


Hell has visited Earth again, in spectacular fashion. This time, the portion of Earth visited by Hell is Chile, where three days ago the Calbuco volcano erupted near the southern town of Puerto Montt after being quiet for 42 years. It has become the subject of some truly breathtaking photos and videos, some of which I’ve embedded in this post after the jump.

Are there any natural occurrences in the world more metal than an explosive volcanic eruption — especially eruptions that include lightning within the volcanic plume? I think not.

So, of course I decided that I needed to include some metal from Chile to accompany the photos and videos you’re about to see. I did dome searching through the NCS archives and discovered that in just the last 18 months we’ve written about more than a half dozen Chilean bands. I’ve collected songs from each of those bands, plus a couple of others. For a change, I’m not going to write any florid descriptions of the music, but just provide the streams and some links in case you want to explore further. All the music is excellent — volcanos aren’t the only things that unleash hell in Chile. Continue reading »

Oct 132014


I’ve had vomit on my mind, and not for the usual reason after a weekend. This time it’s because I happened to notice that I had promos for three new albums by bands with the word “vomit” in their names, and at about the same time as I figured that out, I heard a new song from yet another vomit band on Facebook that I liked. It’s definitely not a distinct genre, this vomit metal. As you’ll see, vomit comes in all kinds of different chunks.

And although I’m joking around about vomit, some of the most fun I’ve had all year with my clothes on has come from listening to the music featured in this post. I do hope you’ll devote your time to it.


You may have noticed from the headline of this post that it includes two bands named Death Vomit. This first one is from Chile, and their debut album Gutted By Horrors was released this past July by Xtreem Music. I wrote about the first advance track from the album last June, but idiot that I am, I never listened to the whole album until Kunal Choksi reminded me of its existence via a recent e-mail.

I’m so glad I finally paid attention, because Gutted By Horrors punches a whole shitload of my buttons — it’s a supremely well-executed assault of ancient death metal lethality, like a strain of plague bacterium that has begun virulently festering after being unearthed from a crypt and exposed to air once again. Continue reading »

Jun 292014

This is another weekend round-up of recommended new music. A particular kind of new music. The kind that will wreck your head on the shoals of savagery and cast your soul into outer darkness. This collection turned out to be so large that I divided it into two parts; the second part will appear soon. The bands are presented in alphabetical order, which is about the only kind of order you’ll find here.


NCS supporter Utmu pointed me to the first song presented here. It comes from Gutted By Horrors, the debut album of a Chilean band named Death Vomit that’s due for release on July 1, 2014, by the Spanish label Xtreem Music. The song is “Indestructible Abominations”. It’s a noxious cloud of utterly destructive black/death war metal, whose gargantuan grinding riffs spread a morbid melody like the plague while the vocalist renders inhuman echoing howls and soul-devouring roars. Attractively obliterating music.

I’m including a stream of the song in two different players. The album will be available for order on CD at the Xtreem Music site. Based on past experience, I’m guessing Xtreem will eventually put the album on their Bandcamp page (here) as well. Continue reading »