Nov 252020


(Today Vonlughlio’s recommendation for hungry fans of brutal death metal is the latest album by Indonesia’s Death Vomit, which was released in July by Demented Mind Records.)

As some of might you know, one of my favorite genres is BDM (you don’t say! lol) and I love the different scenes around the globe that embrace and live for it. Indonesian Death Metal (IDDM) is a prime example of a scene that loves death metal in general, and BDM is particularly huge in that country.

Lots of projects/fans from the region are passionate about the music. For them it is a form of love that a lot of people from other parts of the world should take note of. Maybe one reason I appreciate this so much is that other fans who show a similar level of passion are from Latin America, and I am Latino, so I can relate to the IDDM scene.



Today I would like to take the opportunity to talk about one of my favorite bands from Indonesia, and that is Death Vomit, a project that was born back in 1995 and is a perfect representation of how much that scene has to offer. Along with the band Jasad they are one of my favorite BDM bands from Indonesia.

Before the release of their 2006 debut album The Prophecy they released a bunch of demos and one EP that nowadays are hard to find, though some versions of the EP can be found. I discovered them after their first album and it was love at first listen from the get-go. I played that album constantly and it still gives me the same feeling with each listen.  After that magnificent release there was not much news and I thought that maybe they broken up, but nope, I was proven wrong when they released their sophomore effort Forging a Legacy in 2014.  This album picks up from its predecessor and for me it was their best release to date. A lot of great songs that all played an integral part of the story, filled with amazing musicianship.

This is a great band and very popular in their country and I wish they could get more recognition from other scenes around the globe. They are a great representation of what IDDM has to offer to the world. As an underground project they took their time to create new music, with another six years passing until the release their new album, Dominion over Creation,  a 9-chapter effort that simply catches the listener from the first note and then carries them into a trip to hell for 38 minutes of constant headbanging.

With a natural production that lets each of the instruments shine independently and come together beautifully, this is their strongest release to date.  Well-structured songs with plenty of blasts and complementary vocal patterns, and cut-throat riffs, make this a great listening experience. It is an album that any BDM fan should have in their collection, and appreciate one of Indonesia’s finest bands to grace us with their existence. Check it out at Bandcamp.






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