Oct 162014


We’re pretty damned hyped about the new album from Italy’s Hideous Divinity. We’ve already written about the first track from the album that debuted last month (“Sinister and Demented”), and we helped premiere the second track (“The Alonest of the Alone”) — and now we’ve got one more advance song from the album to bring your way. This new one is the title song.

When we interviewed Hideous Divinity guitarist Enrico Schettino about a week ago (here), he emphasized the importance of writing actual songs, even in the arena of brutal death metal: “We care about the song. We care about its structure and hooks and mood.” You don’t have to look any further for proof of that than “Cobra Verde”.

The song is undeniably bludgeoning — explosively so. For most of its length it moves at the speed of a blast front following a megaton detonation, with a sonic power that’s just as destructive, driven by the off-the-hook percussive militarism and high-speed riff flurries.



But the song is also saturated with a dark, moody melody that turns the neat trick of making this assault atmospheric as well as vicious. And the song is also heavy-grooved and well-structured to create something that’s memorable as well as electrifying.

Cobra Verde will be released by Unique Leader on October 28 in the U.S. and on October 27 in the UK and October 31 in the EU. The album can be ordered here. Listen to the title track below, and in case you missed them, I’m also including the first two advance tracks as well.






  1. Absolutely terrific!

  2. i’m so excited for this album, Hideous Divinity is awesome 🙂

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