Nov 052014


Demon Project have risen from the spawning grounds of Novosibirsk in Siberian Russia, with two albums and two shorter releases to their credit since 2007, and now they have a new album entitled Revival that’s coming our way in December on the Italian label Revalve Records. Today we’re giving you a taste of the new music through our premiere of “Afterglow” — which qualifies as an exception to our customary Rule.

From my own limited exposure to music from Eastern Russia, I tend to think of doom before anything else, but “Afterglow” is a blazing burst of galloping melodic death metal, with hard-punching rhythms, flickering electronic enhancements, and an eye-opening guitar solo. But that’s not all.



The song also features a vocal tandem reminiscent of Speed Strid’s tag-team stylings in Soilwork, with bear-like growls in the verses and soaring clean vocals in the undeniably catchy chorus. And it’s not just the chorus that’s catchy — the whole damned song is highly addictive.

If you’re feeling out of sorts or lethargic, or haven’t been getting enough iron in your diet, you don’t need energy drinks or vitamins — you just need to listen to “Afterglow”. Highly recommended by the trained medical professionals at No Clean Singing.

Revival wiil be available worldwide on December 5th via Revalve Records and can be pre-ordered here, or on Amazon.




  1. that’s pretty sick.

  2. i love it : )

  3. Hah, the intro reminds me of Luca Turilli – daemonheart 😀

  4. These guys are great! But I can’t for the life of me find where I can buy their album “Faces Of Yaman”. I would REALLY appreciate it if someone could link me to a website or anything where I could buy this full album.

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