Nov 222014


Happy Saturday to one and all. It’s not exactly a happy Saturday for me because I’m away from home for the old fucking day job and won’t get back to Seattle until December 6 or 7. While toiling away in distant environs I do hope to continue posting at least one new thing of my own each day, in addition to contributions from others.

This morning I had the chance to check out some new songs, from which I sifted the following three that I recommend to your earholes.


Grafvitnir are a three-man occult black metal band from Sweden who describe themselves as “the faceless emanations of primordial chaos”, and based on the new song I heard this morning, I can believe that.



“Where Time Has Ceased To Be” is a raging bonfire of whipping tremolo’d riffs, blazing percussion, and scarring, barbed-wire vocals. A poisonous but memorable melody writhes through the conflagration like a flame serpent, flickering and fanged, and at well-chosen moments the band segue into a rocking rhythm that enhances the song’s dynamism.

The track comes from Grafvitnir’s second album Semen Serpentis, which will be released on December 5 by Sweden’s Carnal Records and features artwork and photography by Occultum. There’s dark power and searing energy in the music, and I’m really digging it. Listen below.









Eldvåg is the name of a new project from guitarist Ola Englund (The Haunted, Feared, ex-Six Feet Under) and drummer Kerim “Krimh” Lechner (ex-Decapitated). A few days ago they released a play-through video for an untitled song that, so far, is entirely instrumental — though auditions for vocals are now under way.

The song is powered by gripping, jabbing, hammering grooves and, as you might expect from this duo, an eye-popping display of flashing riffs and jet-speed drumwork. It’s heavy, it’s riveting, it’s destructive, it’s really good.

The song can be downloaded here, and Eldvåg are asking interested parties to record and upload vocals to Soundcloud or YouTube as auditions.  More info is available at the Facebook page linked below.









Armageddon was started as a side project by Christopher Amott while he was still with Arch Enemy, with three albums released between 1997 and 2002. Amott is no longer with AE, of course, and now Armageddon — which boasts a new, multinational line-up — has recorded a fourth album entitled Captivity & Devourment that’s due for release next year.

I first discovered the existence of this new album when I saw the excellent cover art for it posted by the artist Paolo Girardi on his Facebook page. And that sent me in search of music. I found a song named “Locked In” that premiered at Metal Hammer earlier this month, and it’s wonderful.

The song is built around an absolutely killer rocking riff that’s announced right from the start — with a killer melodic lead that lies in wait further into the song. It includes raking, bestial vocals, spot-on drum work, and of course a distinctive Chris Amott solo. Awesome stuff. Check it out below.






  1. A lot of killer music in this post, I want to see how the collaboration between Ola Englund and Krimh could be with a possible record, Ammott is a wizard and Grafvitnir are great!

  2. Eldvåg sounds really cool, i can’t wait to hear the song with vocals : )

  3. Eldvag sounds really damn promising, especially if they get themselves a solid vocalist. Grafvitnir is a nice find too.

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