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(One of my favorite albums of 2014 is Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet by the Greek black metal band Thy Darkened Shade. I asked Semjaza, the man behind the music, if he would share with us his favorite music of this year, and he agreed.)


When Islander invited me to do a 2014 favorite music list of mine, I thought instantly about what I needed to hear from new releases.  Concerning black metal in 2014, as a LHP practitioner and a diehard black metal enthusiast, when I hear about spiritual black metal I demand real devotion towards the black arts. Too many people are poisoning this divine artform with their pseudo-occult imagery, their zero knowledge towards LHP initiation, their posing like they found the Lapis Philosophorum, and of course their zero musical talent. It is better to openly admit that you are dabbling with the occult or write about a random retarded theme, than to approach the currents with the least of devotions. It is not a matter of spiritual or aesthetic preferences, it is a matter of honest expression; I can tolerate a band’s choices when they are honest artistic expressions even when I do not agree with their concepts, but I highly despise the followers who are trying to steal the flames of genuine Luciferian art in order to receive scene points.

In order for a release to be included in my ultimate playlist, it must either be a genuine approach towards Luciferianism or a new Iron Maiden release. Malkuth needs more music to transfer LHP knowledge to the listener, to make him/her comprehend that there is a hidden potential via the acausal link that opens the path towards Chaos, godhood, and Self-preservation (onwards to the Black Sun). Music and especially the black metal genre can aid the eradication of pre-determined ego-based notions by the awakening of the black flame. This is not an exaggeration but rather my life story, since heavy metal & black metal were for sure really crucial for my own awakening.

The social environment carefully boycotts those of the blood by making spiritual superiority look like psychological illness, but those few who possess the sinister flame know what they search and how to find it. To those few, the mundane achievements are nothing but mere illusions that can be easily reached with little effort since the will to become more than human is always more demanding and contains more value than any mundane aim. This doesn’t mean that I solely listen to strictly occult oriented music since music many times may act as a reflection of the artist when it is an honest expression.

Art in general can act as a mirror image of the true Self and this can also happen without the awareness of the artist. There are times when true spiritual music is received by the artist without their being aware of it; this can happen mainly because the human can act as a vessel of forces unknown to man. Masterpieces like Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, Don’t Break the Oath, Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls, The Evil One, The Time of No Time Evermore, Angel Witch, Satanic Rites, Under the Sign of the Black Mark, Hvis Lyset Tar Oss, Under a Funeral Moon, In the Nightside Eclipse, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, Drawing Down the Moon, Opvs IV, Scarlet Evil Witching Black, Thy Mighty Contract, Written in Waters, 666 International, or even In The Court of The Crimson King, and hence all of the timeless classics in the history of metal music and music in general, somehow tapped into the unknown. When the music and the lyrics are honest somehow, an unconscious revelation of catharsis arises, and the works of art shine, reflecting souls.

Most of the people prefer ‘’art’’ to be dismal, to be nothing but a random praise of mundane insecurities or empty words with notes. I have seen many empty bands trying to convince that they have something worthy to offer by plagiarizing books or by trying to write about their empty lives’ dreams or their hollow emotions. True art is a real reflection of the artist and can act as a medium between this world and the spheres beyond the worlds. Sometimes the artist consciously summons the forces from beyond and other times he/she is an unaware instrument of unconscious powers ruling his/her essence at a certain point in time. What really matters is honesty towards the true Higher Self and talent!

Here I will present my favorite releases of 2014, with no particular order:



Abigor – Leytmotif Luzifer

This is the best release for me this year and I can end this list with only this album, since it contains musical value that few will ever grasp. Leytmotif Luzifer is a genuine approach towards LHP and also contains a highly progressive/individualistic musical approach towards real black metal. Abigor is a band that was always in accordance with the real values of black metal without compromising their vision and sound. Highly inspirational and consisting of people who care for the future of this divine artform. Instead of abandoning their initial aims or becoming divas, Abigor stand proud from the early 1990s delivering masterpieces of Supreme Immortal Art! Last but not least, the artwork of the album is supreme and the production as well, so if you buy one album this year it should be this one. Also, there is going to be out soon on Soulseller Records an ABIGOR – 6LP box-set consisting of all their 90s masterworks with Silenius, a must buy!





Mortuus – Grape of the Vine

Great, misty, LHP black metal with a lot of atmospheric passages, solemn lyrics, and a really great cover from Timo Ketola. Their sound is exceptional and beyond comparisons. If you are not initiated, listen to Silence Sang the Praise of Death and De contemplanda Morte; De Reverencie laboribus ac Adorationis as well! All highly inspirational releases via The Ajna Offensive.






Nightbringer – Ego Dominus Tuus

I am a huge admirer of Death and the Black Work and I consider it as one of the best underground masterpieces ever. Ego Dominus Tuus was exactly the album I needed from Nightbringer in 2014 — great lyrics, great artwork, and great atmosphere, one of the best albums I heard lately and needs a lot of time and effort in order to be fully grasped. If you are one of those retards who need black metal to be like McDonald’s, do not listen, black metal needs eternal devotion and dedication. Hail real black metal!





Teitanblood – Death

Too many misconceptions arise due to some uneducated ‘’experts’’ who shape the opinions of the blind. It is an undeniable fact that black metal is only about the glorification of Lucifer and death metal should be only about the glorification of death; everything else will not be death metal but something else, sometimes good or reflective, other times bad musical expression. Teitanblood’s Death is one of the few albums that are a sonic death metal journey into Hades. This along with Promulgation of the Fall by Dead Congregation were the only death metal albums I needed in 2014.






Portrait – Crossroads

Since Iron Maiden didn’t release an album in 2014, I had to search for my heavy metal album of the year. Portrait produced a great metal album inspired by the masters Iron Maiden, and of course Mercyful Fate, with arcane lyrics. This is exactly what real heavy metal is about, a musical genre which is highly driven by real fire and passion! In 2014, the new Judas Priest and the new Accept albums were in constant rotation in my player, too.






Triptykon – Melana Chasmata

The reason why I cooperated with Woodshed studio for partially recording and mixing/mastering the new Thy Darkened Shade album was mainly due to the first Triptykon album. Not only was I highly impressed by the continuation of Celtic Frost’s monolithic masterpiece called Monotheist, but I was also extremely amazed by the great mixing/mastering job of V. Santura and Thomas Gabriel Fischer. Melana Chasmata fulfilled my expectations in all aspects; this is spiritual art beyond labels from one of the originators of black metal music with great production and a masterpiece for a cover from H. R. Giger. Doom/black/heavy/darkwave/gothic/death genres melt into one, reflecting tortured souls.






Ascension – The Dead of the World

I am a listener of Ascension since their demo days and they were one of the reasons why I wanted Thy Darkened Shade to be on World Terror Committee. A highly individualistic black metal band, praising real values and caring for all of the aspects of their art. The Dead of the World was an album that I was really expecting to hear, it is a regular extension of the masterpiece called Consolamentum. Great vocals, deep lyrics, a personal way of composing riffs, and an individualistic exploration of LHP initiation. Last but not least, World Terror Committee is a label who cares about real black metal art and real black metal values, away from the business-like approach; they are true unholy diehards! Total support:





Funereal Presence – The Archer Takes Aim

Totally obscure black metal release, highly recommended and highly innovative, too. In between my waiting for a new Negative Plane masterpiece, I am going to adore this one. There is a certain necromantic atmosphere that they managed to capture on tape and I highly value it!






Mortuary Drape –  Spiritual Independence

The return of the Drape is glorious; I had the highest of expectations and I was right. This is really what I wanted from Mortuary Drape in 2014, an occult-inspired album, a continuation of Secret Sudaria and Tolling 13 Knell. A must-buy, I also love the great bass lines and the Mercyful Fate-inspired solos!





Spectral Lore – III

The previous year my favorite release from Greece was the highly underrated Heretic Cult Redeemer’s self-titled album. This year it should be Spectral Lore’s new album. Not my thing concept-wise, even though it is well-written lyrically.  But the quality of music is immense and cannot be ignored. A lot of musical styles incorporated into one, an honest artistic reflection that should be valued.






Bekëth Nexëhmü – De Urtida Krafterna / Hädanfärd-Destruktiva Reflektioner / Grav – Ohelighetens pulserande Ondska

My favorite 7″ vinyl releases from 2014, all gems of black metal arts, arcane, obscure, and true black metal. Ancient Records produces some of the best releases in the underground that shall not be missed; check everything released by the label here:

These 7-inch masterpieces must not be underrated in the years to come. Some people think that the can shape the conscience of bm diehards — do not be fooled by them and thus, do not ignore! All of the Ancient Records releases are far more individualistic and real than most of the hyped pseudo-intellectual trash that appears on the ‘’best lists of 2014’’.



Other great releases that I listened to a lot:

Since this year I was mostly away from my home for personal reasons, I wasn’t able to listen to as much music as I wanted to. Other albums that I really liked this year but listened to less than my top-eleven list are the following:

Master’s Hammer – Vagus Vetus: great metal from the old-school masters, I need to listen to this one more! If you are not familiar with the first couple of releases of Master’s Hammer, better listen to pop.

StarGazer – A Merging to the Boundless: A crazy feast of progressive death/black, just great, all of the riffs are killer here!

Sargeist – Feeding the Crawling Shadows: Classic Satanic Finnish black metal. Behexen’s work in 2012 was top, so I immediately raised my high expectations for the new Sargeist. Great atmospheric 90’s-oriented worship of Him with no names, who is the most ancient of all, devoted!

The Deathtrip – Deep Drone Master: It was really grand for me to see Aldrahn back, since he is my favorite black metal singer; this album is a genuine approach towards the 90s spirit, worshipping the ways of the old!

Kriegsmaschine – Enemy of Man: Favorite band from Poland, grand and different album from their magnum opus called Altered States of Divinity!

Vampire – Vampire: Best old school thrash black album in 2014 for the metal maniacs, along with Triumphant’s Herald the Unsung and Black Magic’s Wizard’s Spell! But better than all, the thrash metal massacre this year is for sure the 7-inch of Ranger called Shock Skull, a classic masterpiece for sure! And I still need to listen to the new EP by the most cult band ever called Nifelheim!

Empire of the Moon – Πανσέληνος: Early NecromantiaRotting Christ influenced black metal with the classic 90’s concept of astral vampirism; everything is really nostalgic there and made from people who really love the ancient Hellenic sound.

Hail Spirit Noir – Oi Magoi: A personal take of avant-garde weirdness, with progressive and hard rock touches and extra 70’s madness.

Inconcessus Lux Lucis – Crux Lupus Corona: Quality black metal with occult concept and cult heavy metal influences, I am really impressed with this EP!



Highly anticipated:

I am still waiting eagerly for a new release by Iron Maiden, or better call them the best band on earth that I can even howl to in awe when listening; Mercyful Fate/King Diamond, DHG/Thorns, Orcustus, Katharsis, Altar of Perversion, Svest, Negative Plane, Drastus, Diabolicum, and Sorhin!

Macabre Omen’s Gods of War At War — Epic metal with extreme metal vocals and choirs, which some people will call black metal, again a really true release away from all the trends, with influences from the early Hellenic sound and the early Norwegian sound. But the number one influence here is the epic era of the gods Bathory. I had high expectations for this one mainly because the main man’s other band The One released one of the best underground black metal releases in 2008 called I, Master! And of course do not forget to check their first great album called The Ancient Returns. Macabre Omen’s new album is highly recommended for 2015.

Not released yet, but finalized, and I was privileged to listen to beforehand: A split release by Awe / End and Vacantfield, a concept release that will be out in 2015. It is going to be called Moerae, search for it in 2015.



Albums to listen while silencing your mind, invoking the forces of the dark

Black Seas of Infinity and Red PathOphitic Oracles Bespoke Isheth Zenunim

GrimrikEisreich (dungeon synth, near the Fjelltronen masterpiece)

TeHÔMLacrimae Mundi

Bohren and Der Club of GorePiano Nights (and if you haven’t bought Lamia Vox’s album called Sigillum Diaboli in 2013, buy it now because it is great)



Books to read until you become the dragon of the other side:

The Book of Sitra Achra – A Grimoire of the Dragons of the Other Side by N.A-A.218 released by the elite Ixaxaar Publications. This masterwork of real Fyre released in 2013 but it is a gem of serious contemporary LHP practice and will stay as a landmark of spiritual practice forever.

Book that everyone who practices LHP magic needs to buy: ÞURSAKYNGI – Volume I – The Essence of Thursian Sorcery by Ekortu released via Ixaxaar Publications


Thanks to No Clean Singing and Islander for the invitation!

Io Azazel Tubal Qayin Semjazazel


  1. ‘hyped pseudo-intellectual trash’


  2. All rhetoric aside, a lot of albums on here that I enjoyed this year

  3. Some good albums here, including the first time I’ve seen that Vampire album on a list, but the pretense of his rhetoric is nauseating.

  4. cool list : )
    i missed the new Mortuary Drape, it sounds awesome!

  5. A really good list! Though I am not surprised

  6. I can appreciate the way Semjaza expresses his convinctions. I also like his definition of art and the passion that defines it. A good read with some good suggestions all the way.

  7. Dødsengel’s 2014 release Ecstatic Horror/Alongside Choronzon maybe doesn’t count since it’s a re-release, but to my delicate ears that is some serious evilness.

  8. “…and if you haven’t bought Lamia Vox’s album called Sigillum Diaboli in 2013, buy it now because it is great”

    This stuff is completely sold out. Does anyone know where to get it?

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