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(In this post Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a new single by Minnesota’s Invidiosus.)

You may have already heard the music of Invidiosus here at NCS this year through one of my previous posts about them. Their album from this year, Malignant Universe, often reminded me of Origin in places, although it also drew from all over the death metal spectrum and was also infused with some grindcore love. If you haven’t check that record out yet, you need to. To end your year with an ugly metallic present, the band recorded a new single called “Overlords Of The Apocalypse”, and asked us to premiere the video for it, which doubles as a song premiere since today is its release date as well.

The video was shot during an Invidiosus Halloween show, and it offers up an amusing gore-soaked twist on your typical performance music video. The band members and the audience are dressed absurdly, with D. Todd Farnham in a Satan outfit slappin da’ bass taking the cake. Guitarist Kevin Alter dressed up as bad guy Lo Pan from the legendary John Carpenter film Big Trouble In Little China comes in a close second.

As the video progresses, you see its story take shape; a hammer-wielding maniac who also carries a knife first murders the doorman, then proceeds to start violently killing members of the audience once inside. By the end of the video, the mysterious deranged assassin has murdered every single member of the audience. It’s done in a tongue-in-cheek way, and I thought it was a hilariously original concept.

As for the sonic innards of the song itself, the blast beats rip apart heads with ease, the thundering riffs and grooves reduce skyscrapers to mere rubble, while a trembling bass presence adds a layer of sleek fat to the proceedings, and the music is rounded out by abyssal screams and roars from hell. It shows Invidiosus staying within a technical death metal oriented framework, though one more advanced and complex than what they sounded like on Malignant Universe, often bringing to mind something more along the lines of Obscura. But as with their previous material, they’ve continued to intersperse the wilder moments with more meaty traditional deathly riffing. Add in the song’s maddening Necrophagist-ic solo and you’ve got a winner. “Overlords Of The Apocalypse” is a step up for a band I already felt were great.

If you happen to live in Mexico, I’m going to include below flyers with a list of their upcoming tour dates with Rottenness (and with Putrid Pile, Holy Shit B.S.E., and PxExNxEx on the last three dates), and  If you don’t live in Mexico, make sure to catch these guys if they ever tour near you! If you enjoy the new single you heard in the video above, it’s available below as a “name your own price” download at their Bandcamp page.








  1. Good to see you’re still writing Nate!

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