Oct 162017


(Austin Weber presents our premiere of a new split release by Retortion Terror and Invidiosus.)

We’ve got a special early stream of the new split release from grinders Retortion Terror and longtime NCS favorites Invidiosus for you today.

While the name Retortion Terror may not ring any bells, knowing that legendary grindcore guitarist Takafumi Matsubara (Gridlink, Mortalized) is the main person behind it should pique your interest.

For those who don’t know the story, in 2014, shortly after the critically lauded release of Gridlink’s Longhena, Takafumi suffered a crippling and tragic brain infection that made it seem like he would never be able to play guitar again. But his tireless spirit fought against all odds to come back, and his material here with Retortion Terror is his first musical creation to come out since his incredible recovery. Continue reading »

Jun 062016



(Austin Weber brings us this premiere of a video for a song from the new EP by Minnesota’s Invidiosus.)

Longtime NCS readers might be familiar with Minneapolis death metal squid squad Invidiosus since we’ve been covering them frequently here since 2014 — not to mention that the band shares a bassist (Todd Farnham) with fellow NCS favorites Amiensus. We last covered Invidiosus back in February, when we helped them launch a badass stand-alone single called “Neurotic Misery”. Continuing to release new tunes while persistently evolving, the band is including this single on an upcoming EP called Guided Towards The Inevitable, which will come out on Friday, June 17th, through Twin Town Tyrant Records. I’ll also help the band stream all five songs a few days before the EP’s release over at Metal-Injection on Tuesday, June 14th, just as a heads-up!

Ahead of its release, we’ve got a refresher of “Neurotic Misery” for you in the form of an exclusive launch of a music video for the song. Like previous videos by the band that we’ve premiered, this one again shows the fun and silly side of the band instead of being a solely performance-focused piece. If you missed the song when we premiered it months ago, that’s all the more reason to make sure to hit play below and take in some eclectic and tasty death metal. Continue reading »

Feb 172016

Invidiosus-Neurotic Misery


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a new song by Minneapolis-based Invidiosus.)

For regular NCS readers, Minneapolis tech-death mongrels Invidiosus should be a familiar name by now. To date, I’ve helped premiere two songs by them so far at NCS. The first was “Exacerbated Psychosis” off their 2014 full-length, Malignant Universe. The second was for a stand-alone single at the very end of 2014 called “Overlords Of The Apocalypse”. While the projections for release of an upcoming EP or new album are unknown to me, we do have another stand-alone Invidiosus song to share with you today. It’s called “Neurotic Misery”, and damn is it a lot of fun to hear in spite of its grim and bleak title!

Much like their last single we premiered, “Overlords Of The Apocalypse”, the music on “Neurotic Misery” is a bit different and evolved compared to how Invidiosus sounded on Malignant Universe. As I mentioned before, they’ve always had a hodge-podge sort of a sound, which I think works in their favor. Yet with “Overlords…”, and now “Neurotic Misery”, it seems the band is figuring out how to form a sound all their own out of their myriad of influences. Continue reading »

Dec 232014


(In this post Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a new single by Minnesota’s Invidiosus.)

You may have already heard the music of Invidiosus here at NCS this year through one of my previous posts about them. Their album from this year, Malignant Universe, often reminded me of Origin in places, although it also drew from all over the death metal spectrum and was also infused with some grindcore love. If you haven’t check that record out yet, you need to. To end your year with an ugly metallic present, the band recorded a new single called “Overlords Of The Apocalypse”, and asked us to premiere the video for it, which doubles as a song premiere since today is its release date as well.

The video was shot during an Invidiosus Halloween show, and it offers up an amusing gore-soaked twist on your typical performance music video. The band members and the audience are dressed absurdly, with D. Todd Farnham in a Satan outfit slappin da’ bass taking the cake. Guitarist Kevin Alter dressed up as bad guy Lo Pan from the legendary John Carpenter film Big Trouble In Little China comes in a close second.

As the video progresses, you see its story take shape; a hammer-wielding maniac who also carries a knife first murders the doorman, then proceeds to start violently killing members of the audience once inside. By the end of the video, the mysterious deranged assassin has murdered every single member of the audience. It’s done in a tongue-in-cheek way, and I thought it was a hilariously original concept. Continue reading »

Jul 022014


(Austin Weber introduces a new song we’re premiering today from the debut album by Minnesota’s Invidiosus.)

An issue that seems to especially plague metal bands and impede their future is the high number of members many bands go through. It takes a hearty group with guts to stick through a revolving-door line-up, and few can understand this struggle better than Minneapolis, Minnesota natives Invidiosus. Since forming as a group in 2006, they have gone through 20 members, releasing a few demos and EPs along the way and now preparing for the imminent July 7th arrival of their debut full-length, Malignant Universe. It’s an album that includes an eclectic mix of powerful older compositions alongside bold new ones. It’s the silver lining to their unfortunate revolving door issue: With so many different people (collectively) having written the music contained on Malignant Universe, there is a healthy diversity to their generally grind-blasted death. Malignant Universe exhumes the past and yet doesn’t reside their. It takes restrained guidance from modern, more technical deathly forms, and yet doesn’t wholly reside there either.

“Exacerbated Psychosis”, the song we’re premiering today, is a putrid trip to the graveyard, with all the offal trimmings and horror intact. The opening riff and drum combo hints at a barrelling Origin-style sound, and yet the lacerating and churning build that follows gnaws at you with more primitive teeth and bestial vocal charm. Continue reading »