Feb 172016

Invidiosus-Neurotic Misery


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a new song by Minneapolis-based Invidiosus.)

For regular NCS readers, Minneapolis tech-death mongrels Invidiosus should be a familiar name by now. To date, I’ve helped premiere two songs by them so far at NCS. The first was “Exacerbated Psychosis” off their 2014 full-length, Malignant Universe. The second was for a stand-alone single at the very end of 2014 called “Overlords Of The Apocalypse”. While the projections for release of an upcoming EP or new album are unknown to me, we do have another stand-alone Invidiosus song to share with you today. It’s called “Neurotic Misery”, and damn is it a lot of fun to hear in spite of its grim and bleak title!

Much like their last single we premiered, “Overlords Of The Apocalypse”, the music on “Neurotic Misery” is a bit different and evolved compared to how Invidiosus sounded on Malignant Universe. As I mentioned before, they’ve always had a hodge-podge sort of a sound, which I think works in their favor. Yet with “Overlords…”, and now “Neurotic Misery”, it seems the band is figuring out how to form a sound all their own out of their myriad of influences.


Invidiosus band


The song starts of with a massive churning riff supplemented by effusive bass rumblings, which is territory they haven’t really delved into before. From there the grooving and ominous mood grows and repeats into a chorus of despair. It’s not until close to two minutes in that the technical death metal onslaught portion of the song kicks in. And once it does, the band smash together the sounds of Origin and Obscura into a deathly assault all their own — until the visceral punishment at hyper-velocity comes to an end and the song returns back to its dirge-like beginnings, this time with a stronger bass guitar presence and a smashing double-bass drumming emphasis overtop.

I’d say “Neurotic Misery” is a sign of great things to come for Invidiosus. So click play below and see if you agree.




  1. This is good stuff! Was kinda sad to see there’s not a current full length to go along with it 🙂

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