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Black Fast art


I seem to have the attention span of  a fruit fly. I was working on a “Seen and Heard” round-up of newly discovered music and decided to pause and take a quick spin through the NCS in-box. There I discovered a new video and more new songs, prolonged my break long enough to give them a quick listen — and then a longer listen — and then it occurred to me I could package them together under a clever post title. Sometimes having a short attention span is not all bad.

The bands are Black Fast, Casket Raider, and Casket Robbery.


This first song isn’t new, but it happens to be one I’ve liked a lot since I first heard it last year, and this time it’s packaged in the form of a new lyric video.


Black Fast band


The song is “The Fall”, and it’s included in the 2015 album Terms of Surrender by St. Louis’ Black Fast. It begins like a slow, gut-rumbling ballad, and then the turbochargers kick in and the song jets away, with fiery guitar solos streaming in its wake and enough acid in the vocals to etch glass. On top of the excellent music, the lyric video (directed by Chad Ice) makes good use of the fine album cover by Coby Ellison.

In other Black Fast news, they’ve got February and March tours scheduled with Rivers of Nihil, Dark Sermon, and Black Crown Initiate. Ticket purchasing links for the tours are HERE.









Casket Raider-art


Casket Raider are based in Las Vegas and recently released a new EP named Casket Raider II. In addition to spotting their e-mail in our in-box, I also later saw a recommendation for them on Facebook by my friend BadWolf.

In the main (but not exclusively), the EP is devoted to racing blackened thrash with a dose of punk fury, propelled by furious riffing, stomach-churning bass, and maniacal, machine-gun drumming, with plenty of eye-watering shred in the solo department and plenty of demonic possession in the vocals. The production coats the music with just enough grime and grit to give it a raw sound, but not so much that it obscures what’s happening.

While the music rides an adrenaline wave most of the time, it also stands out because of the band’s well-placed shifting of gears — such as a mid-paced, gloomy melody in the middle of “Ripped To Shreds”, a sludgy, staggering, doomy break in “Coven Ritual”, and an entrancing melody in the finale of “Enmity” that’s accompanied by a prominent bass performance.

The EP concludes with the longest and most nuanced track, “Hypothermia”, and it too makes good use of dirge-like pacing and plague-infected melody at the outset before beginning to rumble and roll, accented by some grim, clean vocals and thick, bone-grinding riffs that should get your head moving. The song also includes an appealing, trilling melody — and of course some ripping and tearing, too.

Casket Raider tell us that they’re writing material for a full-length album and plan to release a demo this spring that showcases four of the new songs. They will be worth hearing.








Casket Robbery-Evolution of Evil


Madison, Wisconsin, is home to the death metal band Casket Robbery, whose debut album Evolution of Evil will be released on March 4 by Mortal Music. What I saw in our in-box was the announcement of a new song premiere at Brave Words. I’m glad I stopped to check it out.

“Pray For Death” is packed with jolting grooves, weaponized drumming, bleak melodies, and face-shredding vocals, and it includes a notable guest appearance by former Warbringer guitarist John Laux. This is head-ramming, head-bobbing, adrenaline-triggering metal that should get you interested in the rest of Evolution of Evil.

The album is available for pre-order through Bandcamp.



  17 Responses to “FAST CASKETS”

  1. I’m already a huge Black Fast fan; I saw them in Brooklyn this past October and plan on heading to Brooklyn to see them again with Rivers of Nihil, Dark Sermon and Alustrium who were added for just this one show.

    But holy f**k the Casket Robbery track rips! Great find and thanks for sharing!

  2. Casket Robbery is cooler than the other side of the pillow, I can’t hit the “like” button fast enough 😀

  3. That Casket Robbery is pretty cool but I’m so sick of these cheesy stupid ass covers. Back in the day I would have never even flipped it over while thumbing through the bin. Glad I gave it a spin though. It does amaze me however that Bands tend to overlook this detail. It’s the first thing we see just like a first impression. That being said it doesn’t have to be an acclaimed artist but at the very least it should reflect what the band is about and in some way foreshadow what the listener is about to hear. Just my opinion and something I’ve wanted to write about for awhile now. Awesome tune though!

    • Hey man glad you like the track. The cover was inspired by the story of Countess Bathory, who was one of the most prolific serial killers in recorded history – she would have young girls abducted from surrounding villages and bathe in their blood because she thought it made her ageless or immortal or some shit, and she was also the source of inspiration for another track on the album, “Blood Bathory”. Since her story was a real life tale of horror, and horror makes up an element of our music, it,absolutely reflects what we bring on this album.

  4. Casket Robbery is so freakin awesome 🙂 the first song of theirs I heard was Annibelle’s Hell. Pray for Death is so bad ass. I just preordered Evolution of Evil. I cannot wait to get my hands on that full album!!

  5. Casket effin Robbery. That is all.

  6. Not bad reminds me of sepultura

  7. Gotta love that Black Fast album. I really need to time it such that I catch a live show from those dudes sometime soon.

  8. Pray for Death is brutally awesome.

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