Jan 142015


This morning’s arrivals at the NCS e-mail in-box included news from a label named Divergent Series, which appears to be located in Boston. The e-mail alerted me to the fact that Divergent Series had recently released a black/death/doom/grind compilation entitled Basic Needs. I clicked on the Bandcamp link in the e-mail just to take a quick look at what’s included in the comp, and sat bolt-upright when I saw the list.

The comp includes 14 tracks from 12 New England bands, about half of which we’ve written about and recommended at this site — including Human Bodies, Sexcrement, Ramlord, Grue, Fórn, and Morne.

It doesn’t seem to matter how much new metal is being unleashed on a daily basis — lovers of metal (or at least people who frequent our site) are always hungry for new discoveries. Just based on the names in this comp that I know, this seems like a good vehicle for exploration.

It appears from the Bandcamp page for Basic Needs that the compilation is only available on cassette tape, but the tape only costs $3 and the order will get you an immediate digital download of the music. Order here:


For more info about Divergent Series, follow this link. Here’s a stream of the comp:



  1. very cool, i love the Living Void track : )

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