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Today we bring you the North American premiere of a new single and lyric video from Beyond Grace, a UK-based band that features our own Andy Synn as vocalist/lyricist. The song’s name is “Omega Point”, it features cover art by Michael Cowell with video production by Kevin Desjardin, and it’s the first song to be revealed from the band’s new album Seekers. As of today, the band are also making the song available for download on Bandcamp.

“Omega Point” melds together jolting, heavy-grooved riffs and drum work, darting guitar flurries, and swirling melodies that are as fluid as the the rest of the music is spine-snapping. It’s the kind of song that successfully joins high-voltage, technically impressive instrumental assaults that punch really hard with beautiful melodic guitar soloing that seems to glide effortlessly. The result is a song that’s memorable, as well as immediately galvanizing.



And although I’m of course vulnerable to a charge of lacking objectivity about Andy’s own performance, he moves from gargantuan roars to hair-raising shrieks, and touches many other points within the range as the song progresses, in a way that also seems effortless.

As icing on the cake (very important icing), the song is produced in a way that lends it power and heaviness while preserving the clarity of the performances, which are very much worth appreciating for their technical accomplishments.

“Omega Point” is available now as a “name your price” download on Bandcamp via this link:


You can follow Beyond Grace on Facebook here. “Omega Point” comes next…



  1. I have to be honest and say that I’d prefer the song when it’s being brutal (2:57 to about 4:00 is epic). The choruses feel overly melodic to these ears, but they are done very well for all that and I’m still checking out the album.

    Video needs more corpse-painted buffoons wearing spiky shinpads though. Do it. Doooo it.

    • This is, I would say, one of the more melodic ones on the album actually.

      We’ve got a couple of absolute blasters, some slightly angular, groovy crushers, a couple of more technically challenging pieces, and one or two proggy/thrashy style numbers on there as well!

  2. Fuck yeah!! Go Andy Synn!!

  3. this is killer! i raised your FB likes by one 🙂

  4. Soooo… When’s the album out? Seriously. I am really digging this track. I love the production… and received a bit of an Allegaeon vibe in the verses. That’s not a bad thing as they are one of my favorite bands of the last few years.

    • Looking like April we think.

      We have one or two last tracks to whip into their final form, should be done in the next week or so. Then Feb/Mar recording/mixing/mastering… followed by shopping the final product to labels and PR firms and whatnot before the ultimate release.

      It’s looking like it’s going to be 9 songs in total, somewhere in the 40-45 minute area.

      Oh, and thank you for the Allegaeon comparison. I don’t think it’s a conscious thing… but it’s a very flattering one!

  5. You’re welcome. It’s good stuff, man. I’m looking forward to hearing it.

  6. I liked them better when I didn’t know their vocalist was a total piece of garbage.

  7. “No beginning/No end/From Alpha to Omega
    Out of nothing we ascend/Converging to the centre.”

    There seems to be something metaphysical at work here. Something with a hint of nihilism that is critical of control and herd mentality.

    “Transcending this existence we strive towards convergence
    Becoming one with the infinite at last.”

    In spite of the incredulity toward exterior forms of control, there is some exhortation of hope and perseverance her at the end of the song. To me it suggests an overcoming of the existential dilemma brought in the earlier lyrics.

    Your vocals remind me of Dan Weyandt (Zao) but quite a bit more blackened. Killer tune, can’t wait to hear more.

    • Thank you man, and thank you for taking the time to look into the lyrics.

      Interestingly I’d say that there’s NOT much nihilism to this one… or at least there’s not meant to be, as this song actually ends the album on a surprisingly positive note.

      The core concept of the album is about the human condition… the search for answers and meaning. And we decided to end it on “Omega Point” because it unifies a variety of scientific/metaphysical/spiritual/religious ideas into one final culmination of existence.

      Plus, I just found the whole concept incredibly intriguing, as although it comes originally from a Jesuit philosopher (Teilhard) it can be interpreted in a number of different ways (which fits the whole theme of the album, the variety of answers we find and seek and create to explain existence) and is surprisingly hopeful.

      So, in many ways, it doesn’t really deal with external control at all – indeed, one interpretation could be profoundly religious (though that’s not my own interpretation of my own lyrics… obviously). The idea of “convergence” itself, could be seen as a unitary form of human existence (though the Teilhard quote makes it clear that, in his view, converging on the Omega Point will ENHANCE who we are, rather than subsume it).

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