Feb 062015

photo by Tim Flach

In the 5+ years NCS has been alive, we’ve failed to post something new on only four days (including weekends and holidays). Yesterday was the fourth missed opportunity. You may be wondering what produced this tragedy. I thought about just using this excuse.

In reality, it was crunch time for the project at my fucking day job that has kept me on the U.S. east coast for the last three weeks. I got three hours sleep the night before, and the hours when I was awake allowed no time for me to even format and post what other people have written — apologies to everyone who wrote things to help keep the site from going dark and have been wondering why it went dark anyway.

The good news is that my project is almost over. Beginning today, we’ll be crawling back toward something like (ab)normality at NCS. We’ve got some premieres coming later today, I’ll post some new stuff this weekend, and by Sunday I’ll be winging my way home to Seattle. I can’t fucking wait to be home. And I can’t fucking wait to dive back into metal. Thanks for your patience.

P.S. The photo at the top of this post is actually not me. I have more hair.


  14 Responses to “HEADS UP”

  1. My life was a black hole yesterday. No sadness or longing escaped it.
    Thanks for bringing the sunshine back in. 😛

  2. Don’t even sweat it. This is a high-quality site, and I think most of its readers would rather you do things in a way that allows you to value that quality over quantity. It blows my mind that you do what you do in addition to your paying gig. Much respect. Rock the fuck on.

  3. You have MORE hair that the primate in the photo?! (O_o)

  4. You run a great, free site and your readers will always follow you. Apologizing for the fact that you have a normal life outside of NCS is silly.

  5. Ditto to what the other normal people said. Thanks for the great stuff. Take a few days off and we’ll still be here.

  6. I agree with them all.
    Enjoy your diving into deep eerie waters of liquid metal.
    Also, now I got a monkey for my desktop background 🙂

  7. Considering I do this for months at a time, as opposed to four times in five years, I really can’t blame you for missing a day. I doubt many people would have the resolve to post content so consistently.

  8. The patience from your readers is what you deserve, no need for apologies, job takes the lifetime and you have not slept much, so, take some rest if you want, we will wait, nobody can blame you also because the wait is well rewarded and personally I think is better quality than quantity even if I admit that I’m glad when I find daily posts but thank you for all you do!

  9. I’m going to write some more replies, but I wanted to thank everyone for all these messages of support. Amazing.

  10. I have to echo the sentiments of all the above comments. I have no idea how you find the time to do what you do to begin with let alone on top of a regular job. My job often has me traveling and, despite my love of metal, 5 days in a dive motel that my pinhead project manager found almost zaps me of energy to do anything let alone scour the underground for new music.
    What you do seems damn near superhuman, and judging by the other posts I’m not the only one that appreciates your dedication.
    Get home man, get some rest.
    Ironically, you are heading back and I’m heading out. Monday morning, I’ll be on a 4 hour drive in the snow to the Downeast Coast of Maine for the week. Almost a guarantee that the wifi will be non-existent. but that’s what whisky is for.

  11. We all support you. Keep it up, one of the few sites I check daily for music.

  12. just want to say thanks for this site which is always so good and has turned me on to too many bands to list ,whenever time off is needed ,no problem ,cause it will be worth waiting ,this is my first thing to do in the day and thanks again brother ….peace

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