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Tomasz Alen Kopera – “Ascension”

(TheMadIsraeli has some ideas and invites some feedback….)

So I haven’t written much lately, and I’m sure you all have noticed that.  The last year was really rough for me personally, and it sapped away a lot of my energy and passion over time.  I’ve come back swinging in a huge way all the way from the brink of a bad place last year, and now the current delay in my writing is due to me trying to get my life together and moving in a way I never have before.

With this new commitment to reshaping myself, I also want to recommit myself and redefine my tenure here at NCS and write the absolute best stuff I can for the site, provide the best content I can possibly muster, and I hope get back to my old borderline inhuman output.  For now, instead of trying to churn out piece after piece, I am focusing on making what I write count and be super-substantial.  I want to recommit myself to my original goal of writing about music that is nothing short of borderline perfect for me, and I have been recapturing my passion for metal quite quickly as of late.

With that said, I decided I’d inform you all of what is coming down the pipe, though I want to hear some feedback concerning these ideas for upcoming pieces.  What’s currently in the works right now…

My top ten thrash albums of all time.

A feature on In Dread Response, bringing back my “Bands you should be listening to” shtick that I did a couple of times before, but in even greater force.

A “Higher Criticism” series on the almighty Death.  I have a rather ambitious surprise and idea for this one.  We’ll see if I can accomplish it.

My top ten melodic death metal albums of all time.

No reviews are planned as of yet.  Nothing has caught my attention hardcore.  While it’s well past the end of last year, I would also happily write about my list of 2014’s top albums, if no one feels it would be sorely out of place this far into 2015.

So which one of these ideas would be of interest to you?  Which one should I make the first priority?  Please let me know in the comments.


  1. I’d love to hear your all time lists, and for that matter, a few of the writers here at NCS. (Ahem, Islander included)
    Definitely want to read a series of higher criticism on Death. And by that, I assume you mean to discuss each album separately. I could think of a few bands that would be fun to critically analyze. Immortal being one.
    Something with the title “Bands You Should be Listening To” rings of “Seen and Heard” but with a bit of opinion behind it, and so yes to that as well. Always more Seen, Heard, and Should Be Listening To.
    Glad you are getting back up to speed and look forward to whatever you come up with!

  2. Good to see a rough year turning into something better! I’d definitely be interested in the “Higher Criticism” entry on Death. And the top 10 thrash albums of all time is an absolute must.

  3. To quote some obscure rock band: “I want it all, and I want it now!” 😛

  4. glad to hear you’re doing better 🙂

  5. I’m definitely down for the Death-themed “Higher Criticism”. Also, really looking forward to more “Bands you should be listening to.” Welcome back! =]

  6. Great post, it’s good to know the crew around here are all for honesty. And doubly good that you’re coming back into form.

    I’m in a similar situation: last year went from my partner and I planning to start a new chapter in life and move overseas. I finished up work when my research funding ran out, all ready to bust a move… and then her previous cancer relapsed so all of a sudden she had cancer and I was unemployed. It was just real shit luck that it happened at the worst possible time… and it was her final surveillance follow-up, about to be discharged, when it came back – like a cruel twist of fate. So since then I’ve been working like a mo-fo as the sole breadwinner; little time for metal, or sleep, and little money. But thank fuck that shit’s almost all over now…and I can feel the siren song of copious amounts of metal calling back my ravaged soul 🙂

    Life’s like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get and sometimes too late you realize some divine joker has swapped in a chocolate-looking piece of feces in there and you’re just eating the shit of the gods. *raises fists to sky* the shit of the gods! 😉

    Anyway, as for post ideas:
    * Death – I say with embarrassment that I’ve never heard a Death album, despite Sean Reinert and Gene Hoglan being amongst my favourite drummers, and have always meant to rectify that. So that would be handy from my greedy perspective
    * In Dread Response – good to hear there’s more followers of these guys. I am patiently drooling like Pavlov’s dogs waiting for their new album. I’m guessing you will be doing a review?
    * also keen to hear top 2014 recommendations, because I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, and ditto for melodic death as somehow that whole Gothenburg thing happened and I missed it. Probably something to do with living at the ass end of the world….

    • That’s fucking rough dude. I’m super glad you’re coming out on the other end of all that.

      You’ve never listened to Death. The fuck.

      I’ll get started on my top of 2014 list.

      • Sounds like we should both clock up 2014 as a crappy year and put it behind us.

        As for Death – I think it was one of those things where I didn’t know anyone who was into them to pass me a CD and say ‘check this out’, and I was poor and broke through uni, etc. and by the time I started branching out in metal Chuck was already dead and they weren’t around anymore, so it just never happened. Actually, believe or not that’s pretty much also the case with Slayer. And now it’s a scenario of so much metal, so little time.

        But yes, the shame! I’m just coming to terms with it, usually only whispering it to close confidants – “psst. I’m such a fake.. I’ve never heard Death…what if everybody finds out!” 😉

  7. Definitely interested in a special on Death. I’d love to hear what you have to say and explore the albums with you. I don’t think a best of 2014 would be out of place, and as Booker said, I have some catching up to do myself. Bring forth the writing kind sir!

  8. Best-of lists from interesting thinkers/writers are always welcome. I frequently find something I’ve missed. And can there be too many pieces about Death? I started my catch-up with that band during the past couple years, and damn. Bring it.

  9. Looking greatly forward to these posts!!! However, isn’t only 10 albums too few for the best ever Thrash and Melodic death?!?! 🙂 Anyway, curious to see your picks!!!

    • Not for me it isn’t. I’m super fucking picky when it comes to that. Narrowing a list down to 10 is pretty easy for me if we’re talking about what I consider THE best of the best.

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