Feb 112015


(TheMadIsraeli recommends a forthcoming album by a new band named Seven Year Storm.)

Seven Year Storm is spearheaded by First Reign drummer Sean Lang and Archspire ax-murderer Dean Lamb.  Figured that would get your attention immediately.

Aion I is instrumental metal with a rather video-gamey quality to it, in that it’s driven by very enigmatic melodies, and the music thrives on syncopated grooves and polyrhythms, with gorgeous leads and atmosphere.  It’s captivating, the songs are concise, yet have a lot of substance.  Aion I is the band’s first output, an EP, and it’s quite good if you’re into instrumental metal of any sort.

It’s a bit spacey, a bit jazzy, and a bit neoclassical — a winning combo for me and right up my alley.  The interesting thing here is that this EP isn’t a skill showcase for either Lang or Lamb (both of whom are impressively skillful), but a genuine songwriting exercise.  None of these songs in any way pushes any kind of instrumental capacity.  It’s all about memorable melodies and celestial atmosphere with grooves that are very hooky. 

The EP comes out February 24th, and I’d recommend checking it out when it does.  “Cool” is the defining word here, and I am pretty interested to see what more comes from this musical pairing.


Aion I is available for pre-order at the Bandcamp link below. The album’s lead single “Dyatlov” can be downloaded for free at the same location, and we have the official video for the song below as well.





  3 Responses to “SEVEN YEAR STORM: “AION I””

  1. this sounds very cool 🙂

  2. Video-gamey indeed. 🙂

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